The 4 Day Work Week

Have you ever read the book “The 4 Hour Work Week?” I haven’t and what I’m doing sure isn’t a 4 hour work week but it is a 4 day work week, which I’m pretty stoked about. So, the main reason I had to buy my car was because my hours at work changed. I’m now working Tuesday to Friday from 7:00am until 5:30pm. It’s pretty sweet because my day doesn’t feel that much longer and I’m spending NO time on the bus. I do need to wake up a tad earlier, but that’s okay. So, taking into consideration the time I spent on a bus (30 minutes in the morning and 45 in the afternoon) plus the time I spent at work before my shift, I’m not at work that much longer!

Going from 5 days to 4 days of work, my life has changed. I am only at work 30 minutes earlier and an hour later and I have gained 1 WHOLE EXTRA DAY OFF! 3 day weekends? That has never happened to me and I better enjoy them because I think I will only have them until April.

The cruise into work is spent with CBC Radio 2 and I love their Under the Covers segment! I have 20-30 minutes of awesome radio time and I feel like I learn something new almost every day!

So, the plan is to ski on Mondays but I have yet to buy a ski pass. This past Monday I went to the Scandinave Spa with a friend. Until then I’ll catch up on my reading, go to the gym/yoga and just enjoy life at home. I’ve also discovered my love for using a slow cooker! It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve noticed a big change in my life. 3 day weekends should be mandatory for everyone! How do YOU think I should spend my extra day off when I’m not skiing?




Camping Tips

So, we are a few weeks into the camping season and I couldn’t be happier. Here are a few tips and things that I have noticed:

Sure, reserving costs a bit extra but it is so worth it. You get to select the spot you want and you can roll up at any time. I’m into a “stress-free” camping experience.

You can check out most spots online and they usually have pictures.

Bug spray and mosquito coils are a must.

If one of you has gas, keep the windows of the camper open AND buy an air freshener.

Cedar wood smells the best, so always try and have some of that on hand.

When making snacks late at night, don’t forget to clean up so animals don’t pop by for a visit.

Always go with awesome people (1 or a group). These are some of the best memories you will make!


Go with a lumberjack/ Tarzan type soul. They will build you a huge fire and chop wood galore.



If you have the option to camp by a river or ocean, do it! There is nothing like waking up to the view and sounds of water, drinking your coffee in the rising sun while sitting on a shore or riverbank.



Marshmallows and cold beers/coolers are also a must.



This past weekend we were at Birkenhead Lake and I LOVE  it there. I’d go back (to site #33) every weekend, if I could. Where is your favourite spot to camp?