Honey, I’m Home!

As you may know, I LOVE to travel. I never need an excuse but this past vacation had the best reason: Alia and Zach were getting married. They picked an awesome resort and destination and I just got back from a week in Puta Cana, Dominican Republic. The resort was beautiful, the food and drinks were delicious and the people were a hoot! The day usually started off with relaxing on the beach, listening to the waves crash while the warm ocean air brushed my body. By afternoon we were near the pool……the sand gets everywhere and it’s ice to have a break. I treated myself to a massage at the spa, one day and ate steak 3 times. The wedding was magical and full of love and tears of happiness. If you ever find a love like theirs, you are very lucky! Any how, here are some snaps from my vacay. Where to next?



























Vacation 2015: Punta Cana

I’m at a place in my life where I spend a lot of my vacation time going to weddings. Now, this isn’t a complaint…it’s more of a brag. I’m lucky to have such amazing friends who are able to find their loves and tie the knot…..mostly in beautiful destinations around the world. Well, this Friday I’m traveling to the Dominican Republic for the wedding of 2 of the most awesome people I’ve met in Pemberton: Zach and Alia. YAHOOOOO!

A friend, Tara, and I are sharing a room and it seems like a big, fun group of us from BC and Ottawa will be there. I’m stoked for many reasons:

*I love weddings!
*It’s been snowy and yucky here and I’m craving the beach.
*I’m excited to not do chores for 7 days.
*Friendship trips are really fun!
*Unlimited drinks.
*Delicious food galore.
*No work for 7 days.
*I get to watch 2 awesome friends get married!


I’ve never been to Punta Cana or even the Dominican Republic. A recent Google search showed me that it shares an island with Haiti, and I’ve been there before. The poverty there made me feel guilty for being on vacation and I stole apples from the cruise ship to feed the workers.

As of right now, I don’t have plans to leave the resort except for a boat adventure (remember Jamaica? I have Gravol this time). I’m staying at this place (below). Have you been to Punta Cana and what do you suggest I do?



Savary Island

This past weekend Shayne and myself vacationed on Savary Island. We had a wedding to attend there and saw this as the right opportunity to take a break from life. It’s a beautiful island that is a drive, 2 ferries and a water taxi away from Pemberton. It’s WELL WORTH the journey, trust me. We rented a cabin for 3 nights and spent 1 night in Powell River. Sunshine. White sand beaches. Friends. Nature. Love. Will I be going back? YES.















Father Came to Pemberton

It happened. My dad finally came to Pemberton. He hasn’t been out to British Columbia for a few years and he’s never made it past Whistler. So, Shayne and I hosted him for a week. Our activities were limited due to him being “disabled” (he calls himself that….sometimes) so we spent most of our time lounging on the couch, sitting in the sun on my patio, listening to music and eating. We went on a few walks (he counts steps and is trying to be healthier) and I hosted a BBQ for him.

I also taught him to blog (you can read it HERE).

My father and I are still building a relationship, after having so many years “apart.” It’s fun to get to know him and learn cool things like once upon a time he could tell the weight of a diamond by holding it or that in the ’80s he spent $1000 2 pairs of leather pants.

I hope he does heal so he can come and visit me many more times. There are a lot of awesome things to do in Pemberton that he couldn’t do due to mobility issues. Anyways, here are some action shots:

Dad claimed that this was his first time in a hot tub and that a hot tub and jacuzzi are different (are they?). I have never laughed so hard….he was funny and kept floating. I hope he knows I wasn’t making fun of him. He was laughing too…..it was funny! 



This is him taking a break under a willow tree, on the way for dinner. 



Relaxing in the sun, listening to Jeff Beck. 



Checking his Twitter (which he did often….VERY often).



Under the tree.



Love yah, Dad!

Seattle Bound with a Side of Ink

Although I live in paradise, sometimes I need a break from Pemberton. A great place to escape to is a magical city across the boarder called SEATTLE. Many months ago I made an appointment with my very talented cousin and tattoo artist, Suzanna Fisher, to get some new ink down there so Shayne and I decided that we would make a mini vacation out of it.

I ditched out of work early on Friday (good thing…Vancouver traffic was nutty) and the drive only took us about 5 hours. The boarder wait was about 30 minutes and we arrive in Seattle just in time for an awesome dinner at Wasabi. We chose to grab a drink at the Ace Hotel and then hang out in our super funky hotel room at Hotel FIVE.

Saturday was dedicated to exploration. We had a yummy brunch at Pink Place Market and explored the downtown. We also managed to take a ride in a gondola, on the BIG WHEEL. Shayne’s goal was to get new winter tires (which were $500 cheaper in the USA) and my goal was to get tattooed. Both happened.


After the tires were installed we headed over to Damask Tattoo for my much anticipated ink. Suzanna is super rad and creative and it was a great place to relax and get inked.  The hood she works in is funky and called Upper Queen Ave. and I suggest you check it out. The tattoo of choice is an artistic willow tree under my right hip, on my thigh (the picture looks kind of awkward). If you want to know why, send me a tweet (or comment here) and I will tell you: @BlairKaplanPR


Sunday  started off with brunch at Grub and Shayne and I hit the road to the Seattle Premium Outlets. Following some shopping success and fails we hit the penny slots and Tulalip Casino (with not much luck) followed by a trip to Trade Joe’s. It took us 2 minutes to come back across the boarder and we survived a blizzard between Whistler and Pemberton at 11pm on a Sunday.

Great memories were made. Great food was eaten. A great tattoo was created. If you haven’t been to Seattle, go and if you are planning a new tattoo go see Suzanna. TRUST ME.