Lifestyle Resolutions: 2014 Edition

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m sick of people making new years resolutions that we all know they aren’t going to keep (and sharing them on Facebook). You know “the ones” I’m talking about. These people also like to recap their year (successes, failures, etc…). That is great that you have a resolution but don’t lie to everyone. Be truthful to yourself and to us Facebook stalkers and if you are going to do this, please be funny (and include pictures).

If these really are you goals, good luck and I hope you achieve them (really, I do). Your resolution shouldn’t be just for the new year, it should be a life resolution…. A LIFESTYLE. So, I will share with you my life resolutions/goals that I am always working on:

  1. To go on an annual trip with Shayne. I’m not talking about a trip to Winnipeg or Vancouver but a trip to somewhere new and exotic where we can explore new cultures and make awesome memories. Hopefully, in the fall of 2014 we will make this happen again.
  2. Feel good about my health. To me, this means being physically active a few times a week, getting Vitamin D and fitting into my pants. I hate tight pants so I quickly know when I’m starting to be “unhealthy.”
  3. Laughing. It’s true, laughter is the best medicine and I truly believe that it does amazing and wonderful things for the soul. If you don’t have daily laughter you need to take a hard look at your like or watch this video:
  4. To limit my cheese/milk product and gluten intake. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed weird skin issues (I hide them well) and I’m asthmatic. I also have a cheese addiction…GO FIGURE. When I eliminate (or reduce) my intake of those items my skin and breathing are both drastically better. However, if I’m out and there is brie (or any cheese appie) YOU CAN’T STOP ME!
  5. Speak my mind. I always have and I always will tell you what’s on my mind. I believe in honest and integral conversations and when  I need to say something, I say it or I will burst.
  6. Keep on learning. Never stop learning. Always read, watch videos and ask questions. I feel that if I stop learning, I will be unable to contribute innovative solutions and ideas to my community.
  7. Love with all my heart. ‘Nuff said.


So, what life resolutions are you currently practicing or putting into place? Cheers to a great 2014!