Hotel Loneliness

One of the perks of my job is that sometimes I get to travel. In the past, I have always traveled with coworkers or have shared hotel rooms or suites with them. The company I work for now believes in privacy, therefor, I got my own hotel room. It is GREAT to have my own space but it can get a little lonely at times. Back home, I’m up before my boyfriend and usually have to comply with his quirks.  Solo time can be very nice…..

So, here are some solo travel tips that came up from this trip to help keep you distracted:

  • If you have 2 beds in the room jump back and forth from bed to bed
  • Order room service and eat breakfast in bed (this will be done on my next trip)
  • Spoon with 1 of your 23 pillows
  • Sleep in the middle of the bed
  • Listen to music while getting ready in the morning (loudly)
  • Talk to yourself
  • Leave your room and solo-dine at a local restaurant
  • Take a long and hot shower
  • Spread your crap all over the counter in the bathroom
  • Build a fort out of pillows and sheets
  • Exhibit single girl behavior (that normally occurs behind closed doors)
  • Facetime with friends, family or significant others
  • Hang out in the hotel lounge and meet strangers (maybe even change your name?)


I’m sure there will be many more trips. Do you have any tips to add to the list?