It happened. Shayne and I got married on Friday, August 18th it was the best weekend of my life and we had so much fun. Here is a sneaky peak of some “before the wedding” moments. Amie LeBlanc took these rad shots! 


Miracles Do Happen

Today’s post was going to be a recap of my vacation but something magical happened this week and I had to share.

Crazy, right?

Duffy ran away on October 10 and came home on Wednesday night. That means he was on his adventure for 1 whole month. To be honest, I gave up. I came to terms wight he fact that he wasn’t come home….but he did!

So, how did it happen?

Shayne made beef stroganoff for dinner on Wednesday and the house was a tad steamy so he opened the front door. We left it open for the evening and as Shayne was waking by (around 10pm) he thought he heard meowing. I came to the door and heard it too. 


He put on his headlamp and went outside to look and there was a kitty that scurried away. Did this kitty have the same tail as Duffy? Shayne came inside to check.

So, we put food out. 

We heard an animal eating the food and rushed to look but it was a dog. We shooed him away.

Moments later we heard another animal eating and this time is was an orange cat.

We came to the door but the cat ran off.


I would meow and the cat would respond and then the cat came closer and closer!


This cat looked a little different than Duffy (and by different I mean skinny) so we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a neighbourhood cat. Surley, it was Duffy.

So, we propped the door open and let him come in on his own. A few seconds later he peaked his head into the door and looked right and then look left and strolled right in.

My heart exploded with happiness.

Guys, DUFFY CAME BACK! He’s a little survivor and who knows what he has been up to. Besides being skinny he looks fantastic and now is more confident and cuddly. 

Miracles do happen and this is proof.


You may have noticed that I’ve taken an intermission from my blog. It wasn’t because I stopped doing anything but it was because I was doing too much. Yes, that’s a thing. I was working on a lot of very exciting projects but when it came time to do the things I do for myself I was too tired. I used my time off to disconnect because I spent most of my awake hours of the last 6 months connected.

I’m in the process of some very exciting changes and figuring out who the next version of myself will be. The last journey I was on was a wild one and my personal life had a lot of challenges (really sick father, the flu and other things).

Recently, things have been looking up!

It seems like the things that keep happening to me are serendipitous. Cool, eh?

Well, I have a new bike and I have some very exciting announcements coming up. I’m going to revive my rhythm of blogging weekly and look forward to having you join me on the next stage of my life.

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Hello 2016

When I was younger, 365 days seemed like forever. As I get older, time seems to have a turbo jet pack and 365 days doesn’t seem like long enough. It’s funny how time moves faster as you get older but it also makes you appreciate things a whole lot more. Last year went by extremely fast and there are a few moments that stood out for me:
I completed 2 year Leadership Mastery Program.

Mountain biking became a part of my life.

My lifestyle got a facelift and I lost over 20 pounds.

My dream job became my real job. 

I celebrated a few marriages and births (neither mine). 

Camping and adventures occurred often. 

I celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday with him and my grandma’s 90th birthday with her. 

I’m sure there are more moments but these were ones that came to mind. A lot of people set resolutions or goals at the beginning of the year but I find that I’m constantly setting goals. So, the beginning of the new year doesn’t inspire me to set goals but does allows me to help inspire my friends. It’s important to always be working on your goals (health, person and professional) and always be working towards something while trying to remain present. 

In the next year I would like a few things to happen but not everything is in my control! 😉 So, CHEERS to an awesome year full of love, laughter, unique moments and zest!  

The Space Between

It has been a very interesting week for me. I went mushroom picking and I went to a local party and danced my feet off to a cover band and I had my last day at Whistler Transit. I also got to experience a few day’s of not having a job… Which has not happened for a very long time. I got to explore on my bike and work from a coffee shop and catch up with friends and take part in the tasting menu at the Fairmont Château Whistler’s amazing restaurant called The Grill Room (super delcious).

I’m preparing for my new job and sorting out my life over the next few days. The biggest goal will be to arrange my closet and drawers (annyoing… amIright?) and to relax before my life becomes a whirlwind of awesomness and fun! What is your favourite way to relax?