A Photo A Day

Once a year I like to do an Instagram/Twitter photo challenge (this being year 2). I chose to do one put on by YYOGA because it just seemed like they had fun words, the Fall time is a pretty season to capture life and when I lived in Vancouver I LOVED practicing yoga there. Why should you hop on the photo challenge train?

*Each day there is a new word that inspires you to capture a moment of your day and share it with your network.

*It makes you think about what you see and experience differently.

*It allows you to connect with others who are participating in the challenge.

*You can exhibit a side of your personally that may be suppressed.

*You can be as creative as you want.

*If you commit, it allows you to hold yourself accountable.

*You can include words with your images and this may inspire you to be passionate, creative and witty.

*It’s free.

*It’s fun.

*Sometimes, there is a prize.

Click on the below image to see what inspires me each day (note: this links to YYOGA’s Facebook page because I couldn’t find this on their website:


So, if you are on the photo challenge bandwagon with me, give me a follow: @blairfromblairland (Instagram) or @BlairKaplanPR (Twitter) and let’s share pictures and ideas.


Why I’m In Love With My Birthday!

August 8th. My birthday.

This is a day that I love. Most people don’t “love” their birthdays or even celebrate them.

During elementary school Mrs. Maltz (our principal) would announce everyones birthday, daily. Being a summer baby, I never got this luxury and it always hurt my feelings. Growing up I got to celebrate my birthday at the most magical place on Earth: BB Camp. I was surrounded by close friends and nature. It was magical.

So, my birthday parties were usually in June or September, when everyone was back in school. This wasn’t my real  birthday so I wasn’t super stoked.

As I got older, my birthday was an excuse for everyone to get together, catchup and have a good time (in the summer). It allows for celebration and an annual catchup.  August 8th isn’t a day to celebrate my birth but a reason to have a good time.  Oh, I also love presents.

Today, I am 28. 365 days until my next birthday!

Good job Sharon and Leonard.


How do you celebrate your birthday?

Summer is here and I’m learning to bike (better), fish and other Pemberton activities. Follow me on my journey. Check back every Wednesday (ish) to see what I have been up to.

Lake Life


This is Birkenhead Lake and I want a cabin here.

It’s 30 minutes from Pemberton and very breathtaking!

So, should I have a commuter home in Pemberton and a weekend home here? I think so! Danielle thinks so (she knows best…check out her website). Dreams do come true! If you could have a cabin on any lake, which lake would it be?

Summer is here and I’m learning to bike (better), fish and other Pemberton activities. Follow me on my journey. Check back every Wednesday (ish) to see what I have been up to.


Gone Fishin’

Well, I’m at a point in year where I can choose to participate in summer activities or winter activities. This weekends dilemma was “Do I ski?” or “Do I go fishing?”

You see, I like skiing, I do. To me, it is a winter activity and should be done in the winter. Fishing is a summer activity and I am a sun goddess who soaks in every drop of D she can.

With that being said, Sunday was not sunny but we went fishing anyways! Shayne and I packed up the truck, loaded the canoe and away we went.

We arrive at Echo Lake after a bumpy dirt road adventure. Echo Lake is at higher elevation so there was still snow on the road.

Shayne and I loaded up with our gear and trekked down to the lake. Shayne carried the canoe and I carried everything else! We spent a few hours on the lake….paddling in the wind. It was fun but it was cold.

Nothing was caught but a lot of beef jerky was eaten.  Soon I shall try out my new rod. I’m going to try and ski a few more times this season (even though I’d rather be sunbathing).

I’d show you where Echo Lake is, but I can’t find it on the map. Maybe it is a secret lake?

Echo Lake in Pemberton BC

Echo Lake in Pemberton BC


When Not to Ski

So, I find myself making excuses to not go skiing on my days off. However, some of the excuses are actually legitimate reasons for when a beginner  skier should not be skiing (also known as “bad conditions”). I do like skiing (I really do) but sometimes I would rather sit on my ass and watch a movie/relax.

Here are some valid (and not so valid) times when a beginner may not want to ski:

  • When it’s freezing rain. It is cold and wet and hurts when you fall.
  • Fog. It is hard to see where you are going.
  • Long weekends. It’s VERY busy and I know that I’m scared of getting hit by a snowboarder zooming by.
  • Any weekend. It isn’t so bad but the mountain is very busy. If you can go during the week…..GO!
  • Big Fresh POW days. The snow will be too deep and if you do go, stick to groomers.
  • If you are hung over. You are not alert and my injury yourself.
  • If you are drunk. You may hurt yourself (or die) and not know until the next day.

So, most of these situations have caused me to fail at going skiing. If you see a blue sky , get your tush to the mountain. If you don’t make it, you can probably come up with an excuse of your own. What other conditions can you add to my list?

Womp Womp

Womp Womp



Skiing so I can Après?

I did it. I went down a green run. What this means is that I am no longer on the learning hill.


Image originally on http://www.chamonet.com

Image originally on http://www.chamonet.com

The “green run” is the easiest slopes at a mountain and are usually wide and groomed, and not that “steep.” It does not mean that the snow is green in colour.

I went up the Fitzsimmons Express… which was neat because it was outside (unlink the gondola which is inclosed) and got off at mid station. I hung out on Whiskey Jack for the morning (from the very top and midstation). I forgot my #1 rule: DON’T LOOK DOWN! I fell but a friend picked me up and I slowly remembered everything that I have learned.

I also learned a few other lessons:

  • When your boot buckle is stuck, do another buckle up in order to undo it. Don’t freak out and tell other skiers your boot is broken because it’s not.
  • Whisky Jack is also a cute bird that hangs out on the mountain.
  • There are many lines to get onto the chairlift. Know where to go (you can ask). It is confusing.

Have you ever been inside a gondola before? Check out this video of me coming down from the top of Whistler:

I also love après. Après refers to socializing over drinks when your ski day is done. I have been Aprèsing for a long time so I guess you can say I’m now pre- Aprèsing. This weekend featured cesars and friends (Thea and Jodie)!

So, now that I’m on the grownup runs and embracing the après I feel like I’m growing up in the ski world. Soon I will try a different run (or maybe 2). What do you suggest I try next?

Image belongs to http://letissierdesigns.com

A Whisky Jack.Image belongs to http://letissierdesigns.com

To follow my skiing journey, check back every Wednesday (or sometimes Thursday) and read about my learning adventure. It is okay  to learn to ski at any age. If I can do it, so can you! Please share your skiing tips and comments below. Cheers!