Bravery: A Blair-ski Update

Blair Kaplan, she’s just like you. Being from Winnipeg she hadn’t experienced real mountains until her teens and only based had adventures around lakes and flat lands (canoeing, bilking, camping and fort building). She experienced some hills while learning to snowboard but there was nothing that could prepare her for what Whistler Blackcomb had to offer. In 2008 Blair settled on the West Coast and in 2012 followed her heart to Pemberton.  Dating an ex-sponsored skier it was time for her to conquer the mountain and learn to ride.

Everyone in Blair’s life had tips and advice from her but the two biggest things she remembers is when to PIZZA and when to FRENCH FRY. Also, you never want your ski tips to touch (and to think of it as kissing cousins). Being fearful and fearless do coexist and sometimes it takes the encouragement and leadership of someone you trust to fuel your fire.

Learning the mountain etiquette was important and frustrating when others aren’t following it.  Knowing when to stop and learning it’s okay to push yourself. The mountain can be your friend but it can also be your enemy, you must know the difference between the two. Respecting the mountain is a must.

After only two lessons Blair decided to brave the Olympic run solo and this was the true test.  Did she learn anything? Well, at first attempt she sped down the mountain, past a spot of yellow snow and into the tree well. Was this her first REAL lesson? Yes, it was.

You see, most of the learning on the hill is by trial and error and knowing how to move your body.  Although there are many really good skiers out there are many more “Blairs” out there: skiing for the first time and being as brave as they can.

When she arrives back in Pemberton after her trip to Jamaica she will be facing the mountain, taking on blue runs and pushing herself even further. Stay tuned to see what she can accomplish!

ps Did you know that one of her nicknames is Blairski? Weirrrrd