Jamaica Jamaica

The following is a summary of my trip to Negril, Jamaica. The first picture is Thea and myself enjoy a beer after a VERY LONG flight! 20140123-145654.jpg

This is the view from our room:


This is my favourite spot to sit:20140123-145746.jpg

This is basically a high school reunion with my 2 best friends (we look responsible):20140123-145909.jpg

Uncle Jeff and Kevin would sing to us on the beach, daily! I even bought a CD but it was made out “To Heater” which is my friend, Heather…..20140123-145848.jpg

We woke up early to chase the “sun” which wasn’t always out. It’s okay, we had 24 cheesecake and booze:20140123-145938.jpg

After drinking all day at Margaritaville we went to Ricks Cafe! Our friends even jumped off the cliff…..CRAZY PEOPLE! 20140123-150013.jpg

Lauren, the Bride, arranged for Manny to hang out with us for the week and take pictures. He is a very, very talents photographer! Here is me, looking like I can jump high. That was the first full day that everyone was there and it was SO MUCH FUN! 20140123-150031.jpg

Lauren and Brian had a beautiful wedding!!! I didn’t take many pictures because I was too busy crying and MCing. Yes, that is right, I was the Master of Ceremonies. Manny will have pictures up on his website (I think) and I’m sure a video of me rapping will surface. You heard right, I rapped. I may post Jamaica round 2, but for now, this is what you get! Have you ever been there?



Day 4 of Skiing: Monologues from the Chairlift

I made it to the mountain on Sunday. My ride left before I could get myself together so I took the Greyhound from Pemberton to Whistler (I do not have a car). Greyhound sucks. The website was down so I stood at the stop when I thought there would be a bus and at 12:30pm a bus came along (with a very nice driver) so I began my skiing adventure.

I decided to make chairlift monologues about my day on the Olympic Chair. Watch the first one…you can see what it is like to be on a chairlift:

So, I made it down without landing in any tree wells. I became confident….so here is the 2nd video. Can you hear my asthmatic lungs?:

I have not yet made the Craigslist ad but when I do…..you will know! 

I SHAVED……off 45 minutes of how long it takes me to get down. I made it down in a record time of 15 minutes. Hear me ramble for 30-something seconds here (I sound so stoked):

I have a few questions: 

1.Why am I so sexy in these videos?

2. Has anyone ever dropped their phone while making a chairlift monologue?

You can expect more of these videos (but better) because, moving forward, I will explore the other 199 runs that Whistler Blackcomb have to offer. I guess one would say that I am a big girl now….

Do you have any skiing tips or questions? Let me know and I’ll either try your tip or find someone to answer your question! 


To follow my skiing journey, check back every Wednesday (or sometimes Thursday) and read about my learning adventure. It is okay  to learn to ski at any age. If I can do it, so can you! Please share your skiing tips and comments below. Cheers! 

Holiday Sledding Shenanigans

E-cards are a good thing to send out but they can be  boring to receive because so many people send them. Jibjab has come along and created the ultimate home made digital e-card. There is a free version OR you can pay $5 a year for unlimited e-cards. Trust me, it is worth the 5 bucks!

Here are some of my Jijab usage highlights:

  1. You import an image of a face (it can belong to you or someone else) onto a pre-existing body that dances around. The image can from your files or Facebook.
  2. It provides hours and hours of  entertainment, during the creation process.
  3. The people you send these cards to can’t help but laugh and smile.
  4. There are many options and genres of cards (including static images).
  5. Very affordable. I pay $5 a year and to own the file for this video (I paid $1.99 9so I could put it on  YouTube).

This is mine and Shayne’s holiday e-card. We sled, throw snowballs and crash into things.

Happy Holidays from us!