This past weekend was the first ever Family Day in British Columbia, which meant a long weekend for most of us. So, I sacrificed a weekend of skiing to spending time with my family…in Winnipeg. This meant about 12 hours of travel in 4 days.

I feel like I spend a lot of time in airports because I love to travel and have been travelling since an early age.  I’m going to share with you some of my highlights from airport adventures…specifically security.


Age 17 – I got hired to work at a summer camp in Cleveland, Georgia, so I had to fly to Atlanta. The summer camp “forgot” to give me the proper documentation (aka A WORK VISA) and so when it came time to clear customs…I failed. A scary man who did not understand what I meant by “going to be a camp counselor at a Jewish Summer Camp in America” and yelled me at for hours. Eventually, after many hours of crying and talking to the Director of the Camp, they let me though on a J1 Visa.  Little did I know I was now “red flagged” at the US border. Note: this was the wrong Visa.

Age 17-23 – ANY TIME I WANTED TO CROSS THE BORDER. I was pulled aside and asked what I was doing in the USA with a J1 Visa if I wasn’t a student. Note: A J1 Visa is a student visa and I was never a student.  I was usually in interrogation for 30 minutes up to 1.5 hours. That made travelling fun. One magical day, the head of security was there and lifted my red flag. I no longer have “those issues.”

Age 22 – After living in Edmonton to 8 months I made the hard decision to move to Vancouver. The day I moved I was very, very sick and really sad to leave my friends (especially Chase who took me to the airport). I was a hot mess and security found a corkscrew in my bag. This caused for a delayed and detailed search of me. I guess they thought I would open too many bottles on the airplane.

This past weekend – My carryon was searched 3 times because something showed up on the x-ray that looked like a knife. After searching my stuff and me over and over again….they found and confiscated a dirty butter knife.

This past weekend – Security was not busy and so I was “chosen for a random security test.” The creepy man swabbed my waist, hip, shoe and hand for explosive materials. Is that even legal? He was in my bubble. I did not have any explosive materials on me. Phew



So, these are just some of my many run-ins with security. Has anything crazy ever happened to you?

To follow my mountain life journey, check back every Wednesday (or sometimes Thursday) and read about my learning adventure. It is okay  to learn to ski at any age. If I can do it, so can you! Please share your skiing tips and comments below. Cheers!