I got my nails did!

It’s quite frequent that in movies or TV shows that we see the hairdresser or beauty salon as the social hub of the community. Girls (and some boys) gather to beautify and socialize. Being from a large city, I never had this experience. I salon hopped for my pedis and I rarely got my hair done, so I had never truly experienced this….until now! In Pemberton there is a spa called Ivy Esthetics.

When they first opened, I sporadically went there for  pedicures or other services (1 facial and tanning). I decided to try out those “gel polish” manicures that everyone is always talking about. No chipping? I gotta try this out! Immediately, I was hooked!  Every 2-2.5 weeks I book myself in for the last appointment of the day to get my nails done, hang out with the awesome staff and chit chat. This has become a social outing for me (and I assume, for the girls who work there). They are amazing and have become my friends! They also have awesome decor. This is their funkalicious rug:



Sometimes I get a little loud so the girls try and schedule  like-minded customers at the same time as me. A glass of wine is usually how we end our evening and my nail-beatification routine has become a staple in my Pemberton life. Oh, they also have many other services and awesomeness such as: a tanning booth, chocolate, nail polish and amazing mineral makeup by Jane Iredale. If you are in Pemberton  I encourage you to check out these talented ladies at this awesome spa.