Miracles Do Happen

Today’s post was going to be a recap of my vacation but something magical happened this week and I had to share.

Crazy, right?

Duffy ran away on October 10 and came home on Wednesday night. That means he was on his adventure for 1 whole month. To be honest, I gave up. I came to terms wight he fact that he wasn’t come home….but he did!

So, how did it happen?

Shayne made beef stroganoff for dinner on Wednesday and the house was a tad steamy so he opened the front door. We left it open for the evening and as Shayne was waking by (around 10pm) he thought he heard meowing. I came to the door and heard it too. 


He put on his headlamp and went outside to look and there was a kitty that scurried away. Did this kitty have the same tail as Duffy? Shayne came inside to check.

So, we put food out. 

We heard an animal eating the food and rushed to look but it was a dog. We shooed him away.

Moments later we heard another animal eating and this time is was an orange cat.

We came to the door but the cat ran off.


I would meow and the cat would respond and then the cat came closer and closer!


This cat looked a little different than Duffy (and by different I mean skinny) so we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a neighbourhood cat. Surley, it was Duffy.

So, we propped the door open and let him come in on his own. A few seconds later he peaked his head into the door and looked right and then look left and strolled right in.

My heart exploded with happiness.

Guys, DUFFY CAME BACK! He’s a little survivor and who knows what he has been up to. Besides being skinny he looks fantastic and now is more confident and cuddly. 

Miracles do happen and this is proof.

Taking Time for Self-Care

I’m sure most of you have been on an airplane and paid attention to the safety demo before takeoff, correct? Well, during these safety demonstrations there is an emphasis on making sure that you put your own oxygen mask on before helping other people put their masks on. This is important because, in order for you to be useful and help others, you must take care of yourself first. This can be applied to all aspects of your life. You need to make sure you are taking care of yourself so that you can take care of your family, friends, and career. When was the last time you focused on self-care and is it a part of your daily routine?

Self-care is something that I’ve been actively practicing since 2005 and within the last year, I met Catherine Roscoe-Barr, who would be a part of my journey. I spent a weekend with her and 9 other at the Luxury Wellness Retreat at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria (which is one of the most spectacular hotels that I’ve ever stayed in).

Catherine is the Founder of The Life Delicious. What is The Life Delicious?

“The Life Delicious is a Vancouver-based wellness education group, founded by Catherine Roscoe Barr, that empowers entrepreneurs and high-level professionals to prioritize their health, happiness and productivity, through writing, speaking and coaching services.

With a BSc in neuroscience and 15 years as a wellness professional – certified as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and older adult specialist – Catherine is regularly featured on blogs, TV shows, podcasts and radio programs for her expert opinion on mental, physical and spiritual health.”


Over the weekend we focused on a lot of different concepts, which were broken out into modules. Some of the modules were:


  • Definitions and Concepts (for what would be used over the weekend and in my future life)
  • Neuroplasticity and Stress Management
  • Nutrition for Mind-Body-Spirit
  • The Science of Negative Thinking
  • Positive Psychology
  • Meditation and Sleep


We also had a few bonus modules, movement breaks, mini-workouts, delicious meals s and a closing ceremony. I also had some moments of clarity while there, which I shall share with you:


  • I’m going to regain control of my personal power.
  • I’m going to feel good about taking time for myself.
  • I’m going to marinate in the good….all the time.
  • Even a little bit of good is good.
  • Starting my day off with movement helps my creativity, mood, and overall health.
  • Type 2 fun is still fun (it’s basically fun in retrospect).
  • It’s okay to say no to things that I don’t want on my plate.
  • I need to change my PM ritual.


When I got back to reality, I made some new additions to my daily routine/life :


  • Each day begins with at least 30 minutes of movement.
  • I will always marinate in my happiness. When something feels good, I pause and soak in that feeling.
  • At 9pm my gratitude alarm goes off and I write down 3 things I’m grateful for.
  • I bought a new alarm clock and leave my phone in the kitchen at night (and it feels so good).
  • I end each day with a hot bath or shower and curl up in bed with a good book or magazine.

Feel like you want a dose of inspiration to tie you over until you go on this retreat? Check out this fabulous article written by my new friend Itka.


Awesome decor 

Tiny hot sauce

YUM: Breakfast on Day 2


I love cheese


Interested in the Luxury Wellness Retreat? The next Luxury Retreat At Fairmont Empress will take place February 17-19, 2017 and the waitlist is now open. You can also check out other workshops and events on Catherine’s website.

I’m excited about all of the changes I’ve made and plan on continuously working on my self-care habits. What about you?

(Sorry that most of my pictures are of food. I love food. Also, I was living in the moment for most of the weekend and refrained from using my phone/camera).

Ticketmaster Sucks

Yah, it’s true. Buying tickets from Ticketmaster is actually HELL for music enthusiasts and concert goers. As you may or may not know I am a HUGE Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and I am part of their fan club (yah, laugh it up…I’m a nerd). So, they recently announced a tour and fan club members got a pre presale passcode. Knowing this I WAS STOKED. I was sure to get tickets, wasn’t I. NOPE. I was not.
Well…..this is how it went down:

9:00am – Logged into Ticketmaster

9:15am – Refresh and watch countdown (45 minutes)

9:30 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:40 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:43 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9: 52 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:53 am – Refresh and watch countdown and now filled with ANXIETY

9:55 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:56 am – Refresh and watch countdown and now my palm are sweaty

9:58 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:59 am – Refresh and watch countdown. AHHHH

10:00 am – NO TICKETS AVAILABLE (What the hell?)

10:01 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:01 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:02 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:03 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:04 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE so I head to Stubhub

10:05 am – Tickets on Stubhub priced at $119 are now for sale at a $300-$500 price tag (per ticket)

10:06 -11:00am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE so at 11am I spent a small mortgage on 2 tickets

Yes, I know that this was just a pre presale but that is SHITTY! I wanted good seats. If I waited until Friday, when they went on sale to the general public, I think I would l have the same problem or end up in the nose bleeds (which would have been meh). Why even have a presale if you don’t have tickets for sale? It seemed as if scalpers already had the tickets ahead of time and that hurts my soul. So, big bands who place big arenas, I will no long be supporting your live shows because this was too damn annoying for me. I’m going to stick to music festivals, smaller shows where I can get tickets easily and FREE concerts. I know I’m just one fan but this has to stop.