Wedding Food

Today’s wedding adventure involved tasting food for our wedding. The Chef at the SLCC is phenomenal and everything we tried was delicious! 

I’m a huge lover of cheesecake and so that, obviously, was my favourite part. I was also blown away by the salads and the cheese and jalapeño bannock! I can’t wait to chow down on our selections this August! Nom nom.

Morning Rides

I don’t have a lot to report but what you should know is that it’s hot here. Really hot. I try and ride my bike early so I don’t get heat exhaustion. Yesterday I rode around Pemberton and this morning I met Sylvie, my trainer, for a pre-work Whitler ride. It’s always so peaceful first thing! 

I’m really enjoying being on my bike and I have new (neon green) pedals….thanks to Shayne! Here are some moments:


I Can See

I CAN SEE! Yes, that’s right folks…. I got new glasses. You know what? The world seems to be in High-Def and it is FANTASTIC! So, the exam, frames and lenses were over $600 but it’s so worth it. I never realized how bad my eyes were and I’ve learnt I have a stigmitism and I’m nearsighted. Fun times for my face! 


Check  ‘em out: 




For the past few years my vision has been getting worse and worse so I finally went to the Optometrist! After a few tests and the ever-so-amusing pupil dialation, I was informed that I have a very wrong perscripton and that I now need glasses to drive. The good news is that I get new glasses and will be able to see again. The bad news is that this appointment cost me over $600. I better have X-ray vision when the glasses are ready! 

I went to the Whistler Eye Clinic and Cara and Shea (Dr.) helped me out. They may be a tad pricy but they rock!

When the glasses come I’ll share my new eyes with you. Anyways, check out my retinas:



Lost Lake Trails

Believe it or not, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been up to Whistler for my first time and until this week, I had never been to Lost Lake. Appalling, I know! Due to the time of year, it was quiet and breathtaking. I was there because Sylvie gave me another mountain biking lesson and it was awesome. I started off cold and warmed up pretty fast and we rode the Lost Lake Trails.


We rode the Lost Lake Loop to Donkey Puncher to Disco Boy (or something like that) and The Torture Never Stops followed by a fun downhill adventure via Tin Pants. Some was single track. Some was crushed gravel. Some was up hill and some was down. It was hard and sweaty and fun. There was green and even some blue trails.


Here are some lessons/thoughts:


1. Who gives these trails their crazy names?

2. What goes up, must come down.

3. Down is REALLY fun.

4. Stand up over dips, roots, bumps and rocks.

5. Look far ahead. 


If you want to learn to ride, Sylvie is your gal and I’m stoked about riding more trails. YEHAW! SO FUN! 




Social Media Content Creation Whistler Workshop

Today’s post is a shameless self promotion for the workshop I’m leading at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce on February 23 from 2-5pm. You all know that I’m great at creating/joining conversations and that I love to talk. I also know what to say and when (that would be the “PR” in me). I noticed that a common struggle for brands is not knowing what to say on social media and not knowing how to create a strategy to help “create conversations.” So, during this workshop I’m helping the attendees create a social media tactical plan, create a detailed content posting schedule and walk away with a month worth of quality content.

In Whistler or can come to Whistler for the afternoon on the 23rd of Feb.? I’d love to hang out with you and help you strengthen your online brand!


Flails and Bails


An important thing to remember when skiing (and learning to ski) is that you need to get up and keep going when you fall. This Monday I got to practice getting up from my many flails and falls. This was hard on both my ego and my body but I’m lucky to have awesome friends like Geoff and Danielle who encouraged me to keep going. Geoff was very patient and gave me an impromptu lesson (which was reinforcing what Shayne always tells me). Knowing that the runs I was on were BLUE and NOT green…like I planned for, I feel like I did pretty good.

We went up the Excalibur Blackcomb Gondola and took the Excelorator Express Chair up. I skied the bottom of Wishbone (I think) to the Jersey Cream Express chair which took me up to where I had a lunch break. Getting up there was such an adventure that my tootsies needed an intermission. We then went down Jersey Cream and let me tell you, this is not a run for beginning like ME. I felt pretty banged up and decided that I would reward myself with a cider and make my way up Jersey Cream to the Peak to Peak and down the Whistler Gondola. Shayne joined me and even though he didn’t break a sweat, he was supportive of me and my learning journey.

I only did a few runs because I felt tired and beat up and to be honest, I probably could have done a third run after my liquid courage intermission. Oh well, next week!

I’m grateful for the push and feel more confident in my skills. Maybe Geoff and Danielle will ski with me again (one day)? All I know is that practice makes perfect and I just need to put more time in. My next day up is Monday so hopefully my body hurts less by then and my goal is to bail a few less times.







Thanks to Danielle for sharing her pictures with me and to Bernie for snapping the one of Shayne and moi ourside Fanatykco!

My Goals for 2015

Another year has come and gone and so I’d like to use this blog post to share a few of my goals for 2015.


As I reach a point in my ski adventures I realize that I’m getting more comfortable going fast. Even my turns are getting better! The tipping point might have been the 5 year old who shared a chairlift with me. He was a “level 3” skier from Hong Kong and shared his knowledge and goals with me. Heck , if he can be that good of a skier, so can I (Note: I have no idea the significance of a ski level but I do know there Is green, blue and black runs). So, the ski goal for 2015 is to be able to rip down a blue on Whistler and Blackcomb with ease and to at least do 1 top to bottom run on each mountain! I know that I’m well on my way!


I feel as if I’m pretty healthy but I’d like to get back into a fitness routine where I’m doing both cardio and weights. Starting work at 7am in challenging for someone who likes to get her sweat on before work. Perhaps I leave my house at 5:30am and get to the gym in Whistler for 6? That is something I will try out when I’m back from my vacation. If not, I need to get in the habit of working out after work. I’m a morning person, so I might stick with the am routine. I only work at 7am 4 days a week so maybe I commit to going to the gym in Whistler 3 days a week and ski on 2 of my 3 days off?


This will be my 4th summer living in Pemberton and I have yet to do one of the things I keep saying I’m going to do. I have yet to ride my bike from One Mile Lake to Narin Falls. The longer I live up here, the better shape that I get in so this should be no problem for me. So, this summer I MUST do this! SCREW YOU ASTHMA!


Shayne and I love camping. My goals for the 2015 season is to camp at 5 or more sports that we have yet to camp in. We do plan on going to Tofino and I’d love to try out camping on the ocean. While camping, I’d like to practice my shooting (redneck, I know). I’d like a pellet or BB gun and I’ll play around with it while in the bush.


I’d like to get better at golf. My goal is to play/ go to the driving range at least once every 2 weeks.


I’ve been saying this for years and now that I have a car, I can do this: I’d like to take a pottery class. I may wait until fall because when the weather is beautiful I want to be outside on my bike, floating on a lake, hiking, camping and tanning!


During 2015 I hope to accomplish a few milestones in my career. I’ve been promoted to the Communication Coordinator for PWTranit which now puts be in charge of the public relations for 8 transit locations and the line of business. I’m pretty stoked. I also want to be known as the social media and PR expert in Whistler and Pemberton. I have a lessons scheduled with the Whistler Chamber and hope to have at least 3 more speaking engagements. I’d also like to attend at least 2 conferences that will enhance my skill set.

So, as you can see most of my goal are realistic and should be easily attainable. I have a supportive network of friends, coworkers and family and know that if I am focused I can achieve all that is mentioned above. What is one of your goals for 2015?



Over the Rain

Missy Elliot said it best……I CAN’T STAND THE RAIN.

It is dark and wet and gloomy here. So much rain. I’d rather it be snowing. Her song isn’t fully about the rain, I think, but when I feel angry at Mother Nature I usually think of the first line of her song:

I can`t stand the rain
Against my window
Bringing back sweet memories
I can`t stand the rain
Against my window
Because here`s not here with me

Hey window pane
Do you remember
How sweet it used to be
When we were together
Everything was so grand
Now that we`ve parted
There`s one sound that I just can`t stand