Flails and Bails


An important thing to remember when skiing (and learning to ski) is that you need to get up and keep going when you fall. This Monday I got to practice getting up from my many flails and falls. This was hard on both my ego and my body but I’m lucky to have awesome friends like Geoff and Danielle who encouraged me to keep going. Geoff was very patient and gave me an impromptu lesson (which was reinforcing what Shayne always tells me). Knowing that the runs I was on were BLUE and NOT green…like I planned for, I feel like I did pretty good.

We went up the Excalibur Blackcomb Gondola and took the Excelorator Express Chair up. I skied the bottom of Wishbone (I think) to the Jersey Cream Express chair which took me up to where I had a lunch break. Getting up there was such an adventure that my tootsies needed an intermission. We then went down Jersey Cream and let me tell you, this is not a run for beginning like ME. I felt pretty banged up and decided that I would reward myself with a cider and make my way up Jersey Cream to the Peak to Peak and down the Whistler Gondola. Shayne joined me and even though he didn’t break a sweat, he was supportive of me and my learning journey.

I only did a few runs because I felt tired and beat up and to be honest, I probably could have done a third run after my liquid courage intermission. Oh well, next week!

I’m grateful for the push and feel more confident in my skills. Maybe Geoff and Danielle will ski with me again (one day)? All I know is that practice makes perfect and I just need to put more time in. My next day up is Monday so hopefully my body hurts less by then and my goal is to bail a few less times.







Thanks to Danielle for sharing her pictures with me and to Bernie for snapping the one of Shayne and moi ourside Fanatykco!

My Goals for 2015

Another year has come and gone and so I’d like to use this blog post to share a few of my goals for 2015.


As I reach a point in my ski adventures I realize that I’m getting more comfortable going fast. Even my turns are getting better! The tipping point might have been the 5 year old who shared a chairlift with me. He was a “level 3” skier from Hong Kong and shared his knowledge and goals with me. Heck , if he can be that good of a skier, so can I (Note: I have no idea the significance of a ski level but I do know there Is green, blue and black runs). So, the ski goal for 2015 is to be able to rip down a blue on Whistler and Blackcomb with ease and to at least do 1 top to bottom run on each mountain! I know that I’m well on my way!


I feel as if I’m pretty healthy but I’d like to get back into a fitness routine where I’m doing both cardio and weights. Starting work at 7am in challenging for someone who likes to get her sweat on before work. Perhaps I leave my house at 5:30am and get to the gym in Whistler for 6? That is something I will try out when I’m back from my vacation. If not, I need to get in the habit of working out after work. I’m a morning person, so I might stick with the am routine. I only work at 7am 4 days a week so maybe I commit to going to the gym in Whistler 3 days a week and ski on 2 of my 3 days off?


This will be my 4th summer living in Pemberton and I have yet to do one of the things I keep saying I’m going to do. I have yet to ride my bike from One Mile Lake to Narin Falls. The longer I live up here, the better shape that I get in so this should be no problem for me. So, this summer I MUST do this! SCREW YOU ASTHMA!


Shayne and I love camping. My goals for the 2015 season is to camp at 5 or more sports that we have yet to camp in. We do plan on going to Tofino and I’d love to try out camping on the ocean. While camping, I’d like to practice my shooting (redneck, I know). I’d like a pellet or BB gun and I’ll play around with it while in the bush.


I’d like to get better at golf. My goal is to play/ go to the driving range at least once every 2 weeks.


I’ve been saying this for years and now that I have a car, I can do this: I’d like to take a pottery class. I may wait until fall because when the weather is beautiful I want to be outside on my bike, floating on a lake, hiking, camping and tanning!


During 2015 I hope to accomplish a few milestones in my career. I’ve been promoted to the Communication Coordinator for PWTranit which now puts be in charge of the public relations for 8 transit locations and the line of business. I’m pretty stoked. I also want to be known as the social media and PR expert in Whistler and Pemberton. I have a lessons scheduled with the Whistler Chamber and hope to have at least 3 more speaking engagements. I’d also like to attend at least 2 conferences that will enhance my skill set.

So, as you can see most of my goal are realistic and should be easily attainable. I have a supportive network of friends, coworkers and family and know that if I am focused I can achieve all that is mentioned above. What is one of your goals for 2015?



The End

The darkness creeps into the daylight much earlier than before. In fact, I’ve come to the realization that camping season is almost over so this past weekend Shayne and I had a multisession weekend. It started off with going to the see premier of Ablaze. It’s a ski movie that some of his buddies are in. It got me excited to ski but also made me feel bad about how shitty of skier I am. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to work hard this season. Wow, Whis has a lot of very good looking athletes (you should have seen this crowd)!!

After twisting my arm, Shayne convinced me to go camping at Skookumchuck hot springs on Saturday (50 km down a VERY bumpy road). The campsites were almost full but we got a nice, private spot. The sound of the river covered up any noise from other campers and the forest was decorated with beautiful fall colours. You know what is yummy to make on the BBQ while camping? WINGS! Who knew? We managed to get my favourite tub while during dusk, lit come candles and relaxed in the hot spring. Nudity is common there…. Just sayin’

I also slept for 12 hours (in bed by 9) and had weird dreams. The Hot Springs are known as a very spiritual place where members of the Skatin community come to heal and since it was Yom Kippur I took an alternative approach at asking G-d for forgiveness. Maybe that had an influence on my dreams?

Anyways, last weekend was awesome and here are some pictures:







Down With Winter

This week’s post is a good place to confirm that I simply do not like winter. This year winter seemed to zoom by pretty fast and I still haven’t had any time on my skis. Shayne and I have discussed this and I will go skiing in the spring, when it’s warmer. I will do anything to stay warm and pass the time. This year I managed to take on more work, go to Jamaica and secure a 9:30-10:00pm bed time. So, what don’t I like about winter?

Winter is:

  • Cold
  • Dark
  • Wet
  • Messy
  • Cold
  • Cold
  • Dark

Skiing does make winter a lot more enjoyable but this year, because I didn’t buy a pass, I haven’t been in a hurry to ski. The snow did come late this year and there were a few weeks where it was FREEZING up there. So, I look forward to spring skiing, jumping in puddles and getting on my bike. I’m going to try and have at least 1 multisport day a week! Here are some pictures of spring showing up in Pemberton (yes, I know, they are mostly of puddles):





Bravery: A Blair-ski Update

Blair Kaplan, she’s just like you. Being from Winnipeg she hadn’t experienced real mountains until her teens and only based had adventures around lakes and flat lands (canoeing, bilking, camping and fort building). She experienced some hills while learning to snowboard but there was nothing that could prepare her for what Whistler Blackcomb had to offer. In 2008 Blair settled on the West Coast and in 2012 followed her heart to Pemberton.  Dating an ex-sponsored skier it was time for her to conquer the mountain and learn to ride.

Everyone in Blair’s life had tips and advice from her but the two biggest things she remembers is when to PIZZA and when to FRENCH FRY. Also, you never want your ski tips to touch (and to think of it as kissing cousins). Being fearful and fearless do coexist and sometimes it takes the encouragement and leadership of someone you trust to fuel your fire.

Learning the mountain etiquette was important and frustrating when others aren’t following it.  Knowing when to stop and learning it’s okay to push yourself. The mountain can be your friend but it can also be your enemy, you must know the difference between the two. Respecting the mountain is a must.

After only two lessons Blair decided to brave the Olympic run solo and this was the true test.  Did she learn anything? Well, at first attempt she sped down the mountain, past a spot of yellow snow and into the tree well. Was this her first REAL lesson? Yes, it was.

You see, most of the learning on the hill is by trial and error and knowing how to move your body.  Although there are many really good skiers out there are many more “Blairs” out there: skiing for the first time and being as brave as they can.

When she arrives back in Pemberton after her trip to Jamaica she will be facing the mountain, taking on blue runs and pushing herself even further. Stay tuned to see what she can accomplish!

ps Did you know that one of her nicknames is Blairski? Weirrrrd


A few of my “favourite” things….

Being from the prairies I’m naturally conditioned to hate winter. You would if it was -40 Celsius and your mascara would freeze your teary eyes closed.

Knowing that it is now winter I must remind myself about the good things about winter up here:
  • There is snow but never gets much colder than -10 (if that)
  • Pemberton is warmer than Whistler so sometimes I get 2 seasons in one day
  • Skiing is fun (expensive and hard but fun)
  • Hot tubbing is awesome in winter
  • Hot tubbing is more awesome when it’s snowing outside
  • I like wearing warm and cozy clothing
  • Early bed times (due to lack of daylight)
  • Snow days
  • Winter ends March-Aprilish
  • How sexy men (especially Shayne) look in ski gear, hoodies and touques
  • Being the only Jew in Pemberton allows for me to throw fun parties that people want to come to (and try by horrible Jewish cooking)
Here’s a song (with lyrics) about how I feel at Christmas time in Pemberton:

Just kidding about being lonely….I’m not. I do feel like the only Jew in town though. Am I?

When Not to Ski

So, I find myself making excuses to not go skiing on my days off. However, some of the excuses are actually legitimate reasons for when a beginner  skier should not be skiing (also known as “bad conditions”). I do like skiing (I really do) but sometimes I would rather sit on my ass and watch a movie/relax.

Here are some valid (and not so valid) times when a beginner may not want to ski:

  • When it’s freezing rain. It is cold and wet and hurts when you fall.
  • Fog. It is hard to see where you are going.
  • Long weekends. It’s VERY busy and I know that I’m scared of getting hit by a snowboarder zooming by.
  • Any weekend. It isn’t so bad but the mountain is very busy. If you can go during the week…..GO!
  • Big Fresh POW days. The snow will be too deep and if you do go, stick to groomers.
  • If you are hung over. You are not alert and my injury yourself.
  • If you are drunk. You may hurt yourself (or die) and not know until the next day.

So, most of these situations have caused me to fail at going skiing. If you see a blue sky , get your tush to the mountain. If you don’t make it, you can probably come up with an excuse of your own. What other conditions can you add to my list?

Womp Womp

Womp Womp