Wedding Food

Today’s wedding adventure involved tasting food for our wedding. The Chef at the SLCC is phenomenal and everything we tried was delicious! 

I’m a huge lover of cheesecake and so that, obviously, was my favourite part. I was also blown away by the salads and the cheese and jalapeño bannock! I can’t wait to chow down on our selections this August! Nom nom.

Ticketmaster Sucks

Yah, it’s true. Buying tickets from Ticketmaster is actually HELL for music enthusiasts and concert goers. As you may or may not know I am a HUGE Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and I am part of their fan club (yah, laugh it up…I’m a nerd). So, they recently announced a tour and fan club members got a pre presale passcode. Knowing this I WAS STOKED. I was sure to get tickets, wasn’t I. NOPE. I was not.
Well…..this is how it went down:

9:00am – Logged into Ticketmaster

9:15am – Refresh and watch countdown (45 minutes)

9:30 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:40 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:43 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9: 52 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:53 am – Refresh and watch countdown and now filled with ANXIETY

9:55 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:56 am – Refresh and watch countdown and now my palm are sweaty

9:58 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:59 am – Refresh and watch countdown. AHHHH

10:00 am – NO TICKETS AVAILABLE (What the hell?)

10:01 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:01 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:02 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:03 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:04 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE so I head to Stubhub

10:05 am – Tickets on Stubhub priced at $119 are now for sale at a $300-$500 price tag (per ticket)

10:06 -11:00am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE so at 11am I spent a small mortgage on 2 tickets

Yes, I know that this was just a pre presale but that is SHITTY! I wanted good seats. If I waited until Friday, when they went on sale to the general public, I think I would l have the same problem or end up in the nose bleeds (which would have been meh). Why even have a presale if you don’t have tickets for sale? It seemed as if scalpers already had the tickets ahead of time and that hurts my soul. So, big bands who place big arenas, I will no long be supporting your live shows because this was too damn annoying for me. I’m going to stick to music festivals, smaller shows where I can get tickets easily and FREE concerts. I know I’m just one fan but this has to stop.


My Creations

My pottery lessons are now done. I had six of them and managed to miss one. There were some successes and there were some failures. I ended up with a weird looking bowl (not pictured), a nice bowl, a little bowl for my boyfriend, a platter, and a mug and dish made by my teacher. The piece I am most proud of is my big bowl (the brown one). I had a really nice mug that took me three hours to make but it broke… hence the teacher making me a mug. It was awesome and I’m hoping to do a few drop ends before the end of winter/2015. If you’ve a chance to learn pottery do it if you a chance to learn from Denise Hughes do it. Take a look at my pictures and please don’t laugh at my mistakes… 

Festering Fester Tips

Pemberton Music Festival starts tomorrow and I am super stoked! I love Pemberton. I love concerts. I love concerts in Pemberton! So, I wanted to share with you a few tips about Pemberton and festering fester survival techniques:

1.       Pemberton has a lot of amazing places to eat. I LOVE Mile One but what you need to know about them is that they are closed EVERY Monday. The Chinese food place WILL BE OPEN on Monday, July 20th (I love the staff and food)!

2.       There will be shuttles from the campground into Pemberton to stock up on food and booze but they only run in the morning and early afternoon. Details TBD.

3.       DRINK WATER. Pemberton is going to be a hot, hot, hot place and it’s easy to get dehydrated.

4.       EAT at the festival. There are a lot of food trucks but a lot of local restaurants will be there too.

5.       Pick up your garbage. We are in my backyard and it’s best to leave no trace (even when you are haggard and packing out).

6.       Party responsibly. It’s about the music and the fun and not all about the booze and the drugs.

7.       Remember that you are human and not an animal.

8.       Let’s all do our part in keep the outhouses clean and DO NOT PISS ALL OVER THE PLACE. I don’t care how wasted you are, clean up your mess you filthy pig.


10.   Take the time to stop and look around. You are standing in the most beautiful place in the world.

Pemberton (and a man) drew me in and I’m hooked. It’s a beautiful place full of amazing people and we are stoked to show it off. Remember that people (like e) call this place home and we ask that you respect it. Due to the heat and fire hazard, because when you are smoking. Don’t flail too hard because we want YOU to keep coming back.


Wine Win

This past weekend I was in Kelowna for a stagette with some of my best friends. We hung out, had a drink on a stationary boat with a dog named Slim, went dancing and on a wine tour. My favourite winery was Quails Gate and I would like to go back again and again. Also, if you have kids…don’t bring them on wine tours. It’s weird.