Some people like to complain about the weather. I am one of those people but usually only complain when it’s cold, snowing or raining. Last week we had a huge snowstorm in Pemberton and this week was spent on the beach in Mexico. Wow, quite the different in temperature and my own mental health. 

Here are some pictures of both experiences (note: I’m misserbale when digging out my car):

Ticketmaster Sucks

Yah, it’s true. Buying tickets from Ticketmaster is actually HELL for music enthusiasts and concert goers. As you may or may not know I am a HUGE Red Hot Chili Peppers fan and I am part of their fan club (yah, laugh it up…I’m a nerd). So, they recently announced a tour and fan club members got a pre presale passcode. Knowing this I WAS STOKED. I was sure to get tickets, wasn’t I. NOPE. I was not.
Well…..this is how it went down:

9:00am – Logged into Ticketmaster

9:15am – Refresh and watch countdown (45 minutes)

9:30 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:40 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:43 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9: 52 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:53 am – Refresh and watch countdown and now filled with ANXIETY

9:55 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:56 am – Refresh and watch countdown and now my palm are sweaty

9:58 am – Refresh and watch countdown

9:59 am – Refresh and watch countdown. AHHHH

10:00 am – NO TICKETS AVAILABLE (What the hell?)

10:01 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:01 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:02 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:03 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE

10:04 am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE so I head to Stubhub

10:05 am – Tickets on Stubhub priced at $119 are now for sale at a $300-$500 price tag (per ticket)

10:06 -11:00am – Refresh and NO TICKETS AVAILABLE so at 11am I spent a small mortgage on 2 tickets

Yes, I know that this was just a pre presale but that is SHITTY! I wanted good seats. If I waited until Friday, when they went on sale to the general public, I think I would l have the same problem or end up in the nose bleeds (which would have been meh). Why even have a presale if you don’t have tickets for sale? It seemed as if scalpers already had the tickets ahead of time and that hurts my soul. So, big bands who place big arenas, I will no long be supporting your live shows because this was too damn annoying for me. I’m going to stick to music festivals, smaller shows where I can get tickets easily and FREE concerts. I know I’m just one fan but this has to stop.


I’m Back

I’m getting back into my blogging  groove. I know you are excited! I sure am. Why not start off with some awesome press coverage I recently received.

Strangely enough, one of the hardest things for me to do is to talk about / promote myself as a Communications Specialist. Most of the general population finds it hard to talk about and promote themselves…which is why these people would hire someone like me.

My job is to talk about YOU and to get people talking about YOU.

Well, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing with you a little press coverage that happens to be about me. You can find it in the September / October issue of Fresh Magazine or just read the image below!

The Space Between

It has been a very interesting week for me. I went mushroom picking and I went to a local party and danced my feet off to a cover band and I had my last day at Whistler Transit. I also got to experience a few day’s of not having a job… Which has not happened for a very long time. I got to explore on my bike and work from a coffee shop and catch up with friends and take part in the tasting menu at the Fairmont Château Whistler’s amazing restaurant called The Grill Room (super delcious).

I’m preparing for my new job and sorting out my life over the next few days. The biggest goal will be to arrange my closet and drawers (annyoing… amIright?) and to relax before my life becomes a whirlwind of awesomness and fun! What is your favourite way to relax?


Artsy Fartsy

For YEARS I have wanted to take pottery lessons and the stars have never aligned…until now. The original plan was to take a throwing class (a.k.a learn to use the wheel) but when I went to sign up the class was full. So, on to the waiting list I went. I got a call a few days later informing me that another throwing class was added and I. WAS. IN! Yahooooo!
I showed up to class and the group of 6 had realized that half thought I was throwing and half thought it was hand building….so we decided to stick with hand building. Originally, I was bummed out but I knew this would be really fun. AND IT IS SO MUCH FUN!

So, it’s nothing like the movie Ghost and here are some things I have been working on. Keep in mind that I still need to “bisque” and glaze them. 

…..Each items gets better and better (phew).