Camping 2017

Our camping season is coming to an end but we may be able to get a few more weekends in. Oh, we got a new camper (woo)! We spent time at Nk’Mip, Birekenhead Lake,  Shuwap, Narin Falls, Alice Lake, Driftwood Bay and more. Camping is one of my favourite ways to spend the summer and here are some moments that I captured.


Island Time

My 2 wounderful friends, Sarah and Emmett, got married on September 12, 2015 at Way Point Resort. This was my first trip to this part of Vancouver Island and Shayne and I made a vacation out of it. We took the camper and spent 3 nights camping at Way Point and 2 nights camping at Green Point. We hung out on the beach, in Tofino and in Ucluelet.I 


The Big Theee Oh

For my 30th birthday week I thought it would be fun to have an adventure and Osoyoos was where I chose to have. I had never been there and Shayne and I decided to take the camper and explore that part of B.C. We spent one night (after 7 hours of driving) in a truck stop and 2 nights at the Nk’Mip RV Park and it was awesome. The lake was pretty, the people were nice and the wine was delicious. We had a wine tour, delicious dinner at the vineyard and kept it pretty mellow. Um, have you ever tried goat cheesecake? YUMMMM. It was a great way to spend my 30th birthday. 

Next time, we need to spend a few more nights there because the drive is so long and there is much more to see. Have you been? 


Camping in the Rain

Sometimes, I forget how lucky we are to have a camper. It was given to us by Shayne’s parents and sits in the back of Shayne’s truck. I feel the most grateful when it rains and this past weekend, at Driftwood Bay, it was a tad rainy.
Here are a few other reasons why it’s awesome to have a camper:


1. You can leave clothing and camping supplies in there so all you need to sort is your food and drinks, hop in and go.

2. It protects you from the elements (rain, wind, other campers, etc…).

3. You sleep on a bed and not an air mattress (OR you sleep on cushions over the table- it depends).

4. No need to buy a cabin. You can wake up on any river or lake…as long as you can get there.

5. You can hook up electricity (plug in or battery) so you can have a few more luxuries from home and charge your devices.

6. When you are done, packing up doesn’t take forever.

7. You can decorate! 

Having a camper is not “roughing it” but when you do as much camping as us, it makes sense to have something like this. It’s basically a small cabin on wheels. It may be worth it to check the local Buy and Sells, Craigslist, Facebook or anywhere else to find a starter camper. You may need to fix a few things but trust me…IT IS WORTH IT. 

We were mostly dry when we were packing to in the rain and it wasn’t too terrible (we had a tarp up). Not sure if a camper is right for you? Borrow or rent one for a weekend.








30 Until 30

With less than 30 days until my birthday, I was really excited to write a blog post about how I’m going to spend the next 30 days. My plan included: fitness every day, eating clean, laughing, movies, music and more. Last weekend we were camping and had a great weekend. We hiked, swam, floated and had a really nice time at Birkenhead Lake and Mosquito Lake. Sunday, Shayne and I were talking about the forest fires and what to take if we got evacuated. The answer was: cats, laptops, money and valuables (whatever that means). 

Before bed we were talking about how great our little life together was with the camper and the new paint job in the bedroom and the cats….

I was suddenly awakened around midnight (not sure how) and noticed a neon orange glow out of the bedroom window. I didn’t know where Shayne was but I did see a HUGE FIRE coming from a home a few doors down. I’m not going to go into much details but Shayne was fighting the fire in his slippers, I was saving 1 cat and some valuables (Duffy hid under the bed), running around helping people and a lot of things were put into perspective for me.

We are SO LUCKY that nothing happened to our property and that no one was harmed in the fire. If there was wind, things could have been a lot worse.

Here are a few things that made me rethink my last 30ish days of being 29:

·Tell the people around you that you love them.

·Don’t take anything for granted because in as little as 15 minutes all of your belongings can disappear.

·Things are just things and can be replaced but lives are irreplaceable.

· The power of community is a strong force that elevates you from neighbors to family in a time of crisis.

· What you may think is important may not be. For example, I still have my “blankie” from when I was born and I didn’t even think to grab it when I was evacuated.

·Life can change in a snap. This may cause a permanent change in your soul and you need to accept it (and possibly get therapy).  

Everyone is lucky that they are alive and everyone will get back on their feet. The cause for the fire is still unknown and there are still many forest fires raging in the area. I PRAY FOR RAIN and that no one else is displaced this season.



No Beer

Most people around my age associate drinking with a camping trip and last weekend I decided to not quench my summer’s thirst with beer and stay (mostly) sober. I’m not really a beer drinker but when we are camping, and it’s hot out, beer seems to hit the spot. With my birthday fast approaching (and looming fitness goals) my trainer told me to stay away from the beer.


I probably shouldn’t drink at all but…..I do (sometimes). So, all I brought with me was 1 bottle of wine for 2 nights (at dinner and by the fire), club soda and delicious coconut water. I thought it would have been harder but it was surprisingly easy to not drink Shayne’s beer. For me, it was nice to have a cold can of club soda to reach for and the bonus is that this kept my hydrated!


I felt great.

I love cold club soda.

Coconut water is quenching AND delicious.


So, hey, guess what folks? NO NEED TO DRINK while camping. I could have went without the wine too….but I didn’t.


Side note, if you see this coconut water BUT IT! It is the most delicious coconut water that has ever touched my lips.