You may have noticed that I’ve taken an intermission from my blog. It wasn’t because I stopped doing anything but it was because I was doing too much. Yes, that’s a thing. I was working on a lot of very exciting projects but when it came time to do the things I do for myself I was too tired. I used my time off to disconnect because I spent most of my awake hours of the last 6 months connected.

I’m in the process of some very exciting changes and figuring out who the next version of myself will be. The last journey I was on was a wild one and my personal life had a lot of challenges (really sick father, the flu and other things).

Recently, things have been looking up!

It seems like the things that keep happening to me are serendipitous. Cool, eh?

Well, I have a new bike and I have some very exciting announcements coming up. I’m going to revive my rhythm of blogging weekly and look forward to having you join me on the next stage of my life.

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Morning Rides

I don’t have a lot to report but what you should know is that it’s hot here. Really hot. I try and ride my bike early so I don’t get heat exhaustion. Yesterday I rode around Pemberton and this morning I met Sylvie, my trainer, for a pre-work Whitler ride. It’s always so peaceful first thing! 

I’m really enjoying being on my bike and I have new (neon green) pedals….thanks to Shayne! Here are some moments:


Unsoggy Spirits

One of the first few spots Shayne and I camped at in the camper was Birkenhead Lake. We found a spot last year that is now “our spot” and we have a few weekends booked there, over the summer. This spot is private, big, close (but not too close) to the washrooms and water PLUS has an awesome spot to chill on the river. Birkenhead Lake has some spots that are reservable and some that are first come first serve and this spot, my friends, is reservable.

Upon arriving to our spot, on Friday evening, the wind began to pick up and so we thought the smart thing to do would be to set up the tent over the table and the tarp over the camper and truck. As we were doing this trees were falling down (somewhat around us) because the wind was so strong. This same wind made it a bit more challenging to set up the tarps. Good thing Shayne is so handy because all I really did was hold things in place. I’m 5”1….what do you expect from me? So, a tent, a few ropes and tie downs, a tarp and 2ish hours of windy/rainy set up we were ready for a cozy night in the camper.

This was a good test of my patience because I was really hungry and tired from a busy day and week at work. We didn’t fight. We laughed (a little). AND this was a great excuse to eat those Lipton noodle things and fall asleep before 11.

The rest of the weekend had great weather and we played games, relaxed, biked and made new friends. The tarp acted as a great addition of protection and the hammock didn’t make it up this weekend.  



Lost Lake Trails

Believe it or not, it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been up to Whistler for my first time and until this week, I had never been to Lost Lake. Appalling, I know! Due to the time of year, it was quiet and breathtaking. I was there because Sylvie gave me another mountain biking lesson and it was awesome. I started off cold and warmed up pretty fast and we rode the Lost Lake Trails.


We rode the Lost Lake Loop to Donkey Puncher to Disco Boy (or something like that) and The Torture Never Stops followed by a fun downhill adventure via Tin Pants. Some was single track. Some was crushed gravel. Some was up hill and some was down. It was hard and sweaty and fun. There was green and even some blue trails.


Here are some lessons/thoughts:


1. Who gives these trails their crazy names?

2. What goes up, must come down.

3. Down is REALLY fun.

4. Stand up over dips, roots, bumps and rocks.

5. Look far ahead. 


If you want to learn to ride, Sylvie is your gal and I’m stoked about riding more trails. YEHAW! SO FUN! 




Up and Down

Something that I’ve been doing since I was a child is riding my bike. When I was younger, I lived in a townhouse and I would ride my bike in circles around the community.  Well, I wasn’t allowed to go to the farthest row and I did, once, and I got in trouble (perhaps, because my mom found me in a dumpster?). We eventually moved but I still rode my bike. As I got older, I would ride my bike with my friends. I’d ride to my best friend’s house and we would ride to school, Assiniboine Park and around River Heights, the area I grew up in. 


Sadly, at the age of 17, my “new” 1992 Sunbird replaced my bike and I could now commute all year long to farther destinations.


Fast-forward to a few years ago when I revived my love for biking upon my move to Pemberton. First, I rescued Spike the Bike who was sad and lonely in a lost and found. She’s from the 90’s and has a rad paint job. Not the safest, but it got me around town. Eventually, it was time for a new bike and so I bought Buck (a Norco bike)  and was now able to explore the trails.


The thing about biking in Pemberton is that we are surrounded by mountains. So, it was time for me to learn how to mountain bike meaning how to use my gears, go up a hill, down a hill and more. Luckily, I have Sylvie Allen to teach me and this week I went up and down my first little hill. Up is hard. Down is fast. It was fun.


I think this is the route we did was Baththub and TeePee to a dirt road by Lower Mackenzie (with a wooden bridge over train tracks) to a new trail by Airport Road to Caesar Trail.


Now, I know more routes and can go out and practice. I’m stoked to explore more of my backyard!


This is Buck:


Our awkward selfie at the top of my little hill:

  The view of Mt. Currie: 


Not So Silent 

Well, who knew that I love silent auctions? This past weekend I was at a fundraiser for the Pemberton BMX track. No, I don’t ride a BMX bike but I do support the community! The party was at Mount Currie Coffee Company and had plethora of items to bid on. There was also a lot of beer and plaid. The theme was “Pemberton tuxedo” and according to the conversations I was having, some of my friends came decked out in plaid without knowing there was a theme. HA.


Any who, I bid on everything and panicked when I realized that I might win it all. Good thing that people started to outbid me. I did land myself 2 awesome pieces of art by local artist, Vanessa Stark and bought myself a snazzy hat!

Max took some leftovers so we had a late night snack of meat and vegetables and cheese. Yum!


Funds were raised. Fun was had. This is an event that everyone in town should go to and I’m almost positive there will be another one!