Hi, I’m Blair from Blairland.

Taken by Adam and Kev for

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and there was always “that kid” who was getting in trouble for talking during class. Well, that was me. Things didn’t change much as I got older but I learned where and when to use my loud voice to succeed.  Usually, people are staring at me but that is because I’m a short, long haired girl with a booming deep voice….flaunting my own style. I’m a Public Relations professional with a love for all things entertainment, art, fashion and wellness.

I do what I want but uphold respect for society and am an almost a fully functioning member.

I was born and raised in Winnipeg (so was Winnie the Pooh) and spent my childhood summers at camp, hiking and canoeing. I developed an addiction for travelling and break loose whenever I have the chance.

I made my way from Winnipeg to Edmonton (don’t ask) to Vancouver and most recently to Pemberton, British Columbia.  For those of you who don’t know (which is most of you), Pemberton is a VILLAGE north of Whistler with under 2200 people. THAT IS SMALL.

This blog is dedicated to: the comedic documentation of my small town and mountain journey, the lessons I learn and my all around comedic experience while trying to learn to ski and “do other small town mountain” things. Recently, I discovered the I also love fishing!

I have traded my stilettos for Baffin boots and skis and my put away my fancy dresses and dug out the plaid flannel.

As Timon and Pumba would say HAKUNA MATATA and remember that people who are staring aren’t having as much fun!

Note: Everything that happens in the blog is true. Please comment and share! 

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