Miracles Do Happen

Today’s post was going to be a recap of my vacation but something magical happened this week and I had to share.

Crazy, right?

Duffy ran away on October 10 and came home on Wednesday night. That means he was on his adventure for 1 whole month. To be honest, I gave up. I came to terms wight he fact that he wasn’t come home….but he did!

So, how did it happen?

Shayne made beef stroganoff for dinner on Wednesday and the house was a tad steamy so he opened the front door. We left it open for the evening and as Shayne was waking by (around 10pm) he thought he heard meowing. I came to the door and heard it too. 


He put on his headlamp and went outside to look and there was a kitty that scurried away. Did this kitty have the same tail as Duffy? Shayne came inside to check.

So, we put food out. 

We heard an animal eating the food and rushed to look but it was a dog. We shooed him away.

Moments later we heard another animal eating and this time is was an orange cat.

We came to the door but the cat ran off.


I would meow and the cat would respond and then the cat came closer and closer!


This cat looked a little different than Duffy (and by different I mean skinny) so we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a neighbourhood cat. Surley, it was Duffy.

So, we propped the door open and let him come in on his own. A few seconds later he peaked his head into the door and looked right and then look left and strolled right in.

My heart exploded with happiness.

Guys, DUFFY CAME BACK! He’s a little survivor and who knows what he has been up to. Besides being skinny he looks fantastic and now is more confident and cuddly. 

Miracles do happen and this is proof.