Talky McTalkerson

For those of you who know me you know that I love to talk. I especially love to talk when I have something interesting or informative to say. One of the things that fuels my passion is talking to groups about social media (which I’m obsessed with). So, last week something awesome happened… I was asked by 2 different people to speak to their groups! To me, this is a huge honour and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others.
This week I will be speaking to the Whistler Adventure School’s social media students about my experience with managing social media while the company I work for was featured on an international TV show called Après Ski. I’m excited to share the strategy to help take the conversation from the TV screen to social media and how I managed those conversations.
At the end of the month I’ll be leading the conversation at a Tourism Whistler event about creating content and conversations online. This is a passion of mine because I have spent a lot of time learning through trial and error and reading many (many) articles. I don’t know everything and not everything works for every brand but I’m excited to share what has worked for me.
Anywho, Tuesday was an awesome day full of little successes for me. While I work for Gibbons Whistler my goal is to help brand us as an innovative company and have our social media be the heart of marketing conversations.

Hello 2016

When I was younger, 365 days seemed like forever. As I get older, time seems to have a turbo jet pack and 365 days doesn’t seem like long enough. It’s funny how time moves faster as you get older but it also makes you appreciate things a whole lot more. Last year went by extremely fast and there are a few moments that stood out for me:
I completed 2 year Leadership Mastery Program.

Mountain biking became a part of my life.

My lifestyle got a facelift and I lost over 20 pounds.

My dream job became my real job. 

I celebrated a few marriages and births (neither mine). 

Camping and adventures occurred often. 

I celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday with him and my grandma’s 90th birthday with her. 

I’m sure there are more moments but these were ones that came to mind. A lot of people set resolutions or goals at the beginning of the year but I find that I’m constantly setting goals. So, the beginning of the new year doesn’t inspire me to set goals but does allows me to help inspire my friends. It’s important to always be working on your goals (health, person and professional) and always be working towards something while trying to remain present. 

In the next year I would like a few things to happen but not everything is in my control! 😉 So, CHEERS to an awesome year full of love, laughter, unique moments and zest!