Camping in the Rain

Sometimes, I forget how lucky we are to have a camper. It was given to us by Shayne’s parents and sits in the back of Shayne’s truck. I feel the most grateful when it rains and this past weekend, at Driftwood Bay, it was a tad rainy.
Here are a few other reasons why it’s awesome to have a camper:


1. You can leave clothing and camping supplies in there so all you need to sort is your food and drinks, hop in and go.

2. It protects you from the elements (rain, wind, other campers, etc…).

3. You sleep on a bed and not an air mattress (OR you sleep on cushions over the table- it depends).

4. No need to buy a cabin. You can wake up on any river or lake…as long as you can get there.

5. You can hook up electricity (plug in or battery) so you can have a few more luxuries from home and charge your devices.

6. When you are done, packing up doesn’t take forever.

7. You can decorate! 

Having a camper is not “roughing it” but when you do as much camping as us, it makes sense to have something like this. It’s basically a small cabin on wheels. It may be worth it to check the local Buy and Sells, Craigslist, Facebook or anywhere else to find a starter camper. You may need to fix a few things but trust me…IT IS WORTH IT. 

We were mostly dry when we were packing to in the rain and it wasn’t too terrible (we had a tarp up). Not sure if a camper is right for you? Borrow or rent one for a weekend.









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