Festering Fester Tips

Pemberton Music Festival starts tomorrow and I am super stoked! I love Pemberton. I love concerts. I love concerts in Pemberton! So, I wanted to share with you a few tips about Pemberton and festering fester survival techniques:

1.       Pemberton has a lot of amazing places to eat. I LOVE Mile One but what you need to know about them is that they are closed EVERY Monday. The Chinese food place WILL BE OPEN on Monday, July 20th (I love the staff and food)!

2.       There will be shuttles from the campground into Pemberton to stock up on food and booze but they only run in the morning and early afternoon. Details TBD.

3.       DRINK WATER. Pemberton is going to be a hot, hot, hot place and it’s easy to get dehydrated.

4.       EAT at the festival. There are a lot of food trucks but a lot of local restaurants will be there too.

5.       Pick up your garbage. We are in my backyard and it’s best to leave no trace (even when you are haggard and packing out).

6.       Party responsibly. It’s about the music and the fun and not all about the booze and the drugs.

7.       Remember that you are human and not an animal.

8.       Let’s all do our part in keep the outhouses clean and DO NOT PISS ALL OVER THE PLACE. I don’t care how wasted you are, clean up your mess you filthy pig.


10.   Take the time to stop and look around. You are standing in the most beautiful place in the world.

Pemberton (and a man) drew me in and I’m hooked. It’s a beautiful place full of amazing people and we are stoked to show it off. Remember that people (like e) call this place home and we ask that you respect it. Due to the heat and fire hazard, because when you are smoking. Don’t flail too hard because we want YOU to keep coming back.



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