Unsoggy Spirits

One of the first few spots Shayne and I camped at in the camper was Birkenhead Lake. We found a spot last year that is now “our spot” and we have a few weekends booked there, over the summer. This spot is private, big, close (but not too close) to the washrooms and water PLUS has an awesome spot to chill on the river. Birkenhead Lake has some spots that are reservable and some that are first come first serve and this spot, my friends, is reservable.

Upon arriving to our spot, on Friday evening, the wind began to pick up and so we thought the smart thing to do would be to set up the tent over the table and the tarp over the camper and truck. As we were doing this trees were falling down (somewhat around us) because the wind was so strong. This same wind made it a bit more challenging to set up the tarps. Good thing Shayne is so handy because all I really did was hold things in place. I’m 5”1….what do you expect from me? So, a tent, a few ropes and tie downs, a tarp and 2ish hours of windy/rainy set up we were ready for a cozy night in the camper.

This was a good test of my patience because I was really hungry and tired from a busy day and week at work. We didn’t fight. We laughed (a little). AND this was a great excuse to eat those Lipton noodle things and fall asleep before 11.

The rest of the weekend had great weather and we played games, relaxed, biked and made new friends. The tarp acted as a great addition of protection and the hammock didn’t make it up this weekend.  



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