I bought a hammock. I’ve always wanted a hammock. Now I own one and it’s going everywhere with me (camping, travelling, camping, etc…).


It was only $59 from The Hangout Place on Granville Island and if you are in that hood, I suggest you pop in.


These hammocks are made from parachute silk (nylon). They pack down into a small pouch (below) which is attached to the side of the hammock. Their packed size is 7 inches by 5 inches diameter, and they weigh 550 grams (less than 11/4pounds).

They require just 9 feet of space to hang them, and are rated for use up to 300 lbs. A backpacking hammock is exactly what you need when a very small stored size is of paramount importance.




2 thoughts on “Hammocking

  1. I love hammocks! We always had a hammock at our camp when growing up as a kid. Also have one at our camp now. So relaxing!!!

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