Not So Silent 

Well, who knew that I love silent auctions? This past weekend I was at a fundraiser for the Pemberton BMX track. No, I don’t ride a BMX bike but I do support the community! The party was at Mount Currie Coffee Company and had plethora of items to bid on. There was also a lot of beer and plaid. The theme was “Pemberton tuxedo” and according to the conversations I was having, some of my friends came decked out in plaid without knowing there was a theme. HA.


Any who, I bid on everything and panicked when I realized that I might win it all. Good thing that people started to outbid me. I did land myself 2 awesome pieces of art by local artist, Vanessa Stark and bought myself a snazzy hat!

Max took some leftovers so we had a late night snack of meat and vegetables and cheese. Yum!


Funds were raised. Fun was had. This is an event that everyone in town should go to and I’m almost positive there will be another one!


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