Mountain Bike Lesson #1

This weekend I had my first mountain bike lesson with Sylvie Allen. I was lucky enough to learn a few things like how to go down a hill, up a hill, over a root and how to change gears. There is a lot to know about mountain biking and I’m grateful to have Sylvie in my life.

We circled Bathtub Trail a few times, went over some wood bridges, biked down the dike by the river and rode on some grassy trail (Valley Trail Loop, I think). Riding in the tress was awesome and it smelled so fresh! We rode for about an hour and a half and took me places I’ve never been before.  I hopped on her magical unicorn bike and learned that I need a new bike. This will be a birthday present to myself because I love being on my bike and spend almost every day on it.

There are also a few items that I need to buy:

Backpack to hold my Camelbak bladder (this is new…thank you, Shayne)

Riding gloves

Riding shorts

Biking shoes

BIKE (a lot of suspension).

Can you think of anything else that a beginner mountain biker may need? Please help!


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