10 Reasons I’m Stoked for Spring, Summer and Fall

The days are getting longer and I no longer drive to and from work in the pitch black. It’s nice to see the shapes of the mountains and trees while I’m starting and ending my day. With the reappearing daylight and spring-ish conditions I’m started to get excited for the next 7 months! Here are 10 things that I’m looking forward to:

1. Riding my bike and discovering new trails (will begin this weekend).
2. Riding my bike/working out before work. My schedule will change and I will start at 8am instead of 7am.
3. CAMPING! Shayne and I are going to try and camp every weekend, when we don’t have plans.
4. Pemberton Music Festival. Nothing beats rocking out in my own backyard.
5. Planting our garden!
6. Fishing. I only fished once last year and I really enjoy it (and my rod is pink).
7. Taking my first trip to Tofino for a wedding in September (pic below from Ucluelet.ca).
8. Swimming and floating in the awesome lakes around here.
9. Going on a wine tour.
10. TURNING 30.

What are you looking forward to this spring and summer?


Hike to Narin Falls

This Saturday Danielle and I hiked from One Mile Lake to Narin Falls Campground. My trainer wanted me to walk hills and this was hills! Basically, we were on a side of the mountain and although I had to catch my breath a few times, it was awesome. Next time maybe I’ll walk all the way to the falls?














Pemberton Trails

I’m getting excited to bring out my bike (any day now) but in the meantime I’m adventuring around town by foot. I’ve been looping One Mile Lake (#64) and watching the lake defrost. So, I’m on the hunt for new trails. I thought I knew where the Valley Loop was (#55) but I ended up on some really muddy single track trail….which wasn’t the loop. That is okay because I saw a bald eagle!

I also walked around Collins Road, this weekend! There are some pretty spectacular views of Mt. Currie out there.

So, this weekend I’ll be walking the Narin Trail (#65) and I’ll have to attempt the Valley Loop again. How can I not be out there strollin’ in this fantastic weather?

Oh yah, with the help of Sylvie, I’ll begin biking these trails, too (well, the green and blue ones).



Social Media Content Creation Whistler Workshop

Today’s post is a shameless self promotion for the workshop I’m leading at the Whistler Chamber of Commerce on February 23 from 2-5pm. You all know that I’m great at creating/joining conversations and that I love to talk. I also know what to say and when (that would be the “PR” in me). I noticed that a common struggle for brands is not knowing what to say on social media and not knowing how to create a strategy to help “create conversations.” So, during this workshop I’m helping the attendees create a social media tactical plan, create a detailed content posting schedule and walk away with a month worth of quality content.

In Whistler or can come to Whistler for the afternoon on the 23rd of Feb.? I’d love to hang out with you and help you strengthen your online brand!



A 3 hour drive, 1.5 hour ferry and 45 minute drive is what it takes to get to Victoria. Hanging with the Sarahs made the 24 hour trip worth it. We went on our own lounge crawl and had delicious drinks and seafood! Pagliacci’s is a must visit….trust me! Big Bad John’s is also a place everyone needs to experience.

Here are some moments (I didn’t snap many pics):











Total Wellbeing Diet

So, it started. I’m now on the Total Wellbeing Diet. Eating like this won’t be hard but curbing wine and snacking may be. I think the most challenging part of the program is that I have to upload a picture of myself at the beginning and at the end. Well, that’s a lie….I stood on a scale yesterday. YIKES! But if I don’t weigh in and upload my before and after picture, I may not get a refund. You see, if you follow their plan and rules you get your $150 back at the end of 12 weeks. 12 WEEKS? I can do it, especially with the help of Sylvie Allen.

Setting up my account was a tad annoying because this is an Australian company so I lied about my phone number and address. I emailed tech support but no one got back to me….that’s frustrating.

According to their website, “The Total Wellbeing Diet is a 12 week healthy diet program that is personalized to your eating and exercise preferences. It combines a scientifically based healthy eating plan with easy-to-use online tools to keep you on track and motivated to achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals.”

This is my limit per day:


So, my diet is now consisting of higher protein (lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, tofu and legumes/beans) and low Glycemic Index (GI) foods. I’ve also learned what my limit of fruits and vegetables is….unless I want to hang out on the porcelain throne.

The diet company also thinks I may loose around 20 pounds and it would be nice but only time will tell if that is possible for me. I feel that is it possible.

Sylvie sent me a weekly fitness plan that includes strength training, cardio, yoga and a whole lotta fun! I’m excited because I love working out and now I will have a plan and structure. After learning more about her I’m honoured to have her as my trainer. WOW she is a successful athlete! I’ll update you on week 1 and if you have any recipes you think that I should try, send ‘em over!

I’m en route to being 30, fit and fab!