Flails and Bails


An important thing to remember when skiing (and learning to ski) is that you need to get up and keep going when you fall. This Monday I got to practice getting up from my many flails and falls. This was hard on both my ego and my body but I’m lucky to have awesome friends like Geoff and Danielle who encouraged me to keep going. Geoff was very patient and gave me an impromptu lesson (which was reinforcing what Shayne always tells me). Knowing that the runs I was on were BLUE and NOT green…like I planned for, I feel like I did pretty good.

We went up the Excalibur Blackcomb Gondola and took the Excelorator Express Chair up. I skied the bottom of Wishbone (I think) to the Jersey Cream Express chair which took me up to where I had a lunch break. Getting up there was such an adventure that my tootsies needed an intermission. We then went down Jersey Cream and let me tell you, this is not a run for beginning like ME. I felt pretty banged up and decided that I would reward myself with a cider and make my way up Jersey Cream to the Peak to Peak and down the Whistler Gondola. Shayne joined me and even though he didn’t break a sweat, he was supportive of me and my learning journey.

I only did a few runs because I felt tired and beat up and to be honest, I probably could have done a third run after my liquid courage intermission. Oh well, next week!

I’m grateful for the push and feel more confident in my skills. Maybe Geoff and Danielle will ski with me again (one day)? All I know is that practice makes perfect and I just need to put more time in. My next day up is Monday so hopefully my body hurts less by then and my goal is to bail a few less times.







Thanks to Danielle for sharing her pictures with me and to Bernie for snapping the one of Shayne and moi ourside Fanatykco!


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