Holiday Season

The holiday season is in full swing and that can only mean 1 thing: I’m drinking too much gin. Being a person with multiple jobs and different groups of friends, Shayne and I have been to many parties this season. Here are a few of my favourite highlights/thoughts of this holiday season:

1. Seeing a real life Elf on the Shelf at my friends house. WOW. I partly want children just for this. I also learned that there is a Mensch on a Bench of us Jewish folks playing along. Mixed marriage? Why not have both?

2. Gin and soda is a delicious drink and the lack of sugar only makes the hangover terrible instead of deathly.

3. After a fun night out McDonalds or bacon is a must.

4. I should brush my hair more often.

5. I still love cheesecake and The Black Squirrel had deliciousness.

6. Shayne’s work party resulted in 7ish mowhawks. Shayne included.

7. My mom mailed me a Hanukkah package and Shayne helped me decorate the house.

8. I still love to where high heels. Just because I live in Pemebrton doesn’t mean my footwear fashion has to suffer.

9. Online shopping for presents is both convenient and dangerous.

10. I truly love playing the Secret Santa game where you can open or steal a gift.

Happy holidays!



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