The Spinning World

There is a lot going on in my life right now and I’m having trouble picking what to share with you, my readers. So, I thought I would sum up a few things:

Etsy Purchase

I made a purchase from Etsy (a custom made chess board) and ordered it in September. It was an anniversary present for Shayne. You see, there were a few different people involved in making sure it arrived to me and the following mistakes were made that made my package SO LATE (pictures are at end of this post):

· Sender spelled my last name wrong and shipped DHL.

· DHL contracts out to Loomis to deliver.

· Delivery came to my work and it was $19 COD and the temp didn’t ask someone about it (not her fault….) so he was sent away (1st attempt).

· Loomis guy didn’t fill out Loomis sheet properly and only had 1 attempt (NOT 3).

· Due to his error package was sent back to DHL but DHL couldn’t find it because my name was spelled wrong and the sender didn’t give me a tracking number.

· Finally got tracking number, paid the $19 and the package arrived.



My employer changed my hours and now I need a car to arrive by 7am. I’m excited to finally have a car again but car shopping was not in the life budget and is stressful. I’m thinking I’ll end up with a CRV. Stay tuned. Should have in soon. So, yay car but boo to being back in debt. It was a nice month and a half.


It has rained for many, many days but the sun is finally out and I’m less angry at the weather. There is a lot of snow in the mountains is good. Due to buying a car I need to delay the purchase of new ski boots and a seasons pass. LAME. Hopefully, it happens in the next month so I can get skiing!

Life has also been full of concerts and flu symptoms (still). So, this is the first week that I’m back at cardio/weights. YAHOO.






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