The End

The darkness creeps into the daylight much earlier than before. In fact, I’ve come to the realization that camping season is almost over so this past weekend Shayne and I had a multisession weekend. It started off with going to the see premier of Ablaze. It’s a ski movie that some of his buddies are in. It got me excited to ski but also made me feel bad about how shitty of skier I am. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to work hard this season. Wow, Whis has a lot of very good looking athletes (you should have seen this crowd)!!

After twisting my arm, Shayne convinced me to go camping at Skookumchuck hot springs on Saturday (50 km down a VERY bumpy road). The campsites were almost full but we got a nice, private spot. The sound of the river covered up any noise from other campers and the forest was decorated with beautiful fall colours. You know what is yummy to make on the BBQ while camping? WINGS! Who knew? We managed to get my favourite tub while during dusk, lit come candles and relaxed in the hot spring. Nudity is common there…. Just sayin’

I also slept for 12 hours (in bed by 9) and had weird dreams. The Hot Springs are known as a very spiritual place where members of the Skatin community come to heal and since it was Yom Kippur I took an alternative approach at asking G-d for forgiveness. Maybe that had an influence on my dreams?

Anyways, last weekend was awesome and here are some pictures:








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