Doing the Splits

As a young girl I was briefly in gymnastics lessons. I have very few memories: playing in the foam pit, stretching on the mats, walking on the balance beam, etc…. I know that one of my goals was to be bale to get into the splits. I never quite made it and eventually quit gymnastics when my instructor made me keep practicing after I had severely injured myself. In middle school my best friend took up gymnastics and I went to watch her first competition in Brandon, Manitoba. That day, at the end of her floor routine, she got into the splits for the first time….and broke her lady parts. She was on crutches. Ever since that day I’ve had no desire to do the splits. Well, until now….

You see, I’ve leaned about a new type of splits that I like to call the “gym splits.” I’ve learned that after work the gym is really busy and I often find myself too lazy to get myself there (ANY excuse will work). I also discovered that 6am doesn’t have to be dreadful and at that time of day I love cardio. I’m also getting into weight training (weight loss and strength building) but I don’t have time to do that before work (I need to get 30 minutes of cardio, a shower and a coffee in before 6:50am) so I needed a plan. The plan became the “gym splits.”

I read somewhere about someone’s secret to success at GOING to the gym and weight loss was that they went before AND after work but left their stuff in a locker all day. You see, this is genius. If I leave my stuff in a locker at the gym in the morning, I have to go back and get it after work because we are not allowed to leave anything in the lockers overnight. If I have to pick up my stuff, what’s another 20-40 minutes of weights? There was only one day in the past few weeks where I just went to the gym to get my stuff and skipped the workout but overall, it’s almost fool proof. So, “gym splits,” I’ve successfully gotten into you and have not broke my crotch!



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