Pace of Life

One thing that I have noticed over the past few years is that Pemberton (and Whistler) have a much slower pace of life. It seems like most people that reside here work to live and unlike big cities, they don’t live it work. For me and my sanity, that is fantastic because I used to live to work. This change in lifestyle for me has drastically reduced my stress and allows me to live a more balanced life. You see, the problem with me and my personality is my ambition and urge to reach goals and have amazing experiences is very prominent. Over the past 2 years I’ve had to redefine what success is to me and dial back my timeline for achieving goals. My ambition is still there and from time to time it causes restlessness, but hey, what can you do? I have the right people on my side (friends, family and coworkers) and I’m lucky to have Shayne in my life to balance me out and remind me it’s okay to just chill out and live day to day.

Living day to day seems like the mentality of the majority here. I like it. You know what? I LOVE it. It’s okay to have goals but it’s also okay to slow down and enjoy the pace that your life is at. I will achieve certain career goals at some point and I know that everything I do it working towards them. I know that I will eventually be a “good” skier and that this summer was amazing because of work-life balance (AND CAMPING). I know that due to my lifestyle changes, moving to Pemberton, working for Whistler Transit and a few other factors I was able to pay off debt and set up RRSPs and a TFSA . Everything happens for a reason and I’m stoked to be walking hand in hand with life. So, how do you like to slow down and enjoy the pace of life?



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