Fe Fi Fo Fall

The weather is getting colder and the mornings are getting darker. This can only mean one thing…. FALL IS HERE. Being from Winnipeg, I’m someone who doesn’t love the winter. Being out in Pemberton I’m able to tolerate winter and with my ambition of being a good skier, this year shouldn’t be so dreadful. Naturally, when fall arrives I’m sad ebecuase I know what season follows. Summer is my favourite time of year and it’s very glorious but to keep my spirits high I’m going to highlight all of the fabulous things about fall:

1. It’s pretty. The leaves get ready to depart from the tree’s branches. Before they do they change to immaculate colours of red, orange and yellow. Nothing is better than the sun shining through the colourful leaves. They dance in the wind before they fall to the ground.

2. Halloween is during fall and it is my favourite holiday (besides my birthday). Nothing is more fun than wearing a costume. Also, I love candy corn.

3. I can still ride my bike without getting heatstroke.

4. The air smells fresh and crisp.

5. The sound of crunching leaves is oddly soothing.

6. It’s shoulder season in Whistler so the Village is quiet and there are many dinner specials. YAY.

7. We can still camp (we have heat in the camper).

Why do you LOVE fall?

Here are some pictures that I did not take but were found when I Googled “fall in Whistler:”





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