The Reunion

Our high school may have not had a reunion but my childhood happy place, B.B. Camp, sure did. This past weekend I got to relive some of the most epic moments with some of the most epic people. Did you go to summer camp?














How do you like to spend the hottest days of the year? Most people like to spend these magical days swimming or indoors with the air conditioning on full blast, but not me. On one of the hottest days of this summer I decided to get my first laser hair removal treatment. Why laser hair removal? Well there are many reasons and here are a few of them:

·I HATE shaving my lady parts. Nothing is worse than those red bumps, especially when you need to be in a bathing suit.

·Razors are annoying and I’m often too lazy to change out my dull ones (which I do change but it’s a hassle).

·Waxing sucks. It hurts. Also, I once glued my hand to my body with the wax and that was lame.

So, my good friend’s mom, Sally, owns the Lionsgate Laser Clinic and I decided to give it a go. Now, I’m someone who has tattoos and have broken many bones, but the experience I was about to have was a different level of pain. I’m not saying this was the most pain I have ever been in, but this was a “different” type of pain. I mean, we are lasering off hair with a LASER. So, Sally fully prepared me and here is what I learned:

· Make sure to use the cream that she recommends, like XYLOCAINE, (rub in and goop on) about an hour and a half before the treatment. Seal it with saran wrap.

· Take Advil before, during, after (kidding, don’t OD on the Advil).

· ICE is your best friend! Ice the area you are having treated RIGHT before it is treated.

· Aloe vera. Use this and ice after your treatment.

I’m also getting me armpits “done.” As Sally says, “the pits are the pits!” It is true and it’s more painful than lady land. I may have cried but Sally coached me through it. She was very supportive and I don’t think I could have done it without her. Once it was over I realized that it wasn’t so bad after all and I’m just like Thomas the Engine (I think I can, I think I can…). Sally is the best in the business!

So, I’ll be having 5 sessions and so far I’ve had 1 (well, broken into 2 because I was too hot). I have already noticed a significant difference in the lack of hair growing back. I’m excited to see the results after round 2! Imagine all of the money you will save when you no longer have to shave. I can’t wait.


Lusting for Yoga

Almost a year ago I was told by medical professionals that I had to take a break from yoga due to issues with my ribs. After seeing a physiotherapist once a week and always working on my strength, I felt like I was ready to try yoga again. What perfect timing because Wanderlust Whistler was in my backyard. After spending the weekend camping at Driftwood Bay with friends, I used my extra day off to explore the festival. My friend, Tara, is into yoga so we wanderlusted together. So, what you need to know is that this is not a cheap festival. We bought a pass ($100) for Monday, august 4th and that got us 3 classes/workshops.

Together we planned out our day and decided to be there at 7:30am so we could ease into our journey. We got our tickets, schedule/map and a beautiful bracelet. We made our way to a room called The Mothership (sponsored by Kashi) and claimed our spots. A former coworker (from around 2005-06) would always rave about an instructor by the name of Janet Stone. Almost 10 year later I was finally able to take a class from her and WOW! The class was called Rhythm and Devotion and was 90 minutes, starting at 8am. We moved to our own rhythms. We danced with our own souls. We danced with other yogis. We connected with ourselves. This was BY FAR the best yoga class I have ever been to and I’ve been into yoga since around 2005. She has a magical way of guiding us through the practice while DJ HyFy played tunes. At one point we were having a mega dance party and we were coated in sweat….and this all happened before 10am.

We took a break to have breakfast and shop and there were many beautiful things for sale. I ended up with a new shirt!

After much debate we decided to go up Whistler mountain after our noon class. This was with Pradeep Teotia and it was called “Relax, Reset, Rejuvenate,” and although it was mellow-ish it was still very hard. He was really funny and deeply knowledge. After this 90 minute class the plan was to head right to another 90 minute class but our sweat drenched skin and open hips told us otherwise. We decided to head up the mountain for lunch, wineasana and to take some pictures.

It was a good decision to call it quits after 3 hours of yoga because on Tuesday my body was very sore….in a good way. This was a super awesome day and inspired me to continue with my practice. I guess you can say that this weekend reignited my lust for yoga.