Tips from a True #FesteringFester

Festering Fester: a person who lives for the music festival! During the fest they sport multiple costumes, have their stages planned out and their soul shines brightest when surrounded by other like-minded festers. They will always be smiling and dancing.

Just to get you pumped for Pemby Fest, check out the weather in Pemberton:


We are a few months in to festival season and in a week the Pemberton Music Festival will be in my backyard so here are a few pointers for those who aspire to be a #FesteringFester:

• Pack for all weather: rain boots/boots, poncho, hat, sunglasses….
• Bring a scarf or bandizie to protect you from the sun and party dust
• Costumes. Have multiple outfits or costumes. The days are hot and the nights are cold.
• Headlamps help see where you are going at night.
• Drink a lot of water. No one wants to feel crappy from dehydration.
• Watch the music. See the bands. Dance to the beats. It’s easy to get stuck at your tent but remember YOU ARE AT A MUSIC FESTIVAL.
• Make friends. You never know who you will need to hoist you onto their shoulders.
• Pick a good meeting spot for when you all get separated!
• Fanny packs. Need I say more?
• Have gum and money.
• Hand sanitizer and body wipes.

I was lucky and attended the first Pemby Fest with an awesome group of friends. It was one of the best weekends OF MY LIFE. Sarah took some awesome pictures so check them out:

Waiting in line to park and camp:




Sarah hurt her nose on the trampoline.


Beauty of a place to camp.



Minnie and myself in festing attire (note: I’m sad she will not be at this fest but I’m hoping she will surprise us).



Find good people to camp with….preferably with a trampoline.



This is my “Gucci” poncho and sexy footwear.



This is the most solid group of festering festers (well, missing both Alana’s and a few others….Richard, Marco, Randi….)



We stuck together most of the time.



We even found Twister.



Dance party on a car!



I had tennis elbow from fist pumping!



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