Roger Creek

Sorry this post is late….busy week for me!

Camping is awesome and you have a few options out here. You can camp in: provincial parks, forestry campsites, off the grid secret spots or your parents backyard. Provincial campsites are beautiful but most of the good sites are reserved for the rest of summer so for the next few months I’ll be exploring the “other” spots to camp. I’m hoping to discover new spots and avoid our parent’s yard.

This past weekend I was at Roger Creek, which is a forestry campsite. I loved that it was free and no one else was there. We camped right beside the river and could be as loud as we wanted (which is great because I AM LOUD)! There are 2 different sections to this site and you can show up whenever you want, as long as there is room for you. There is an outhouse but make sure you bring your own toilet paper. You are close to the highway but it’s ok because the sounds of the river drowns out most of the noise. You need to bring your own water and wood but you should always do that, anyways. Also, it’s less then an hour from my home! You know what the best part is? THERE IS NO CHECK OUT TIME! You can sleep in, enjoy the day, relax and not have to be rushed out by some park warden (park wardens are LAME).

Anyways, I’m not going to tell you where this is because I liked having my privacy (and that it’s never busy) but if you really want to know I’m sure you can find out.