The Journey

Tuesday I returned from my trip to Toronto. My little sister graduated from the University of Toronto so my mother and I went to celebrate. I also had a friend in town. The airport is about 3 hours away from Pemberton and the flight is around 5 hours. Here is what I do and do don’t love about traveling (by airplane) while living in Pemberton:

Don’t Love:

  • The airport is far away and I either need to: get a ride, bus to the airport or bus to Vancouver and take the train to the airport. Yeesh!
  • Travel time is more with the added journey to the airport (a lot of sitting is bad for my back).
  • It feels like it takes FOREVER to get home.
  • Everyone always asks where I’m from and when I tell them they give me a very silly and confused look. This is more funny than a “don’t love.”

Do Love:

  • I love coming home.
  • It makes me want to travel less which means I save more money.
  • The feeling of landing at YVR knowing that I’m back in one of the best parts of the world.
  • I catch up on my naps and reading while on the us and plane.
  • The airplane is usually taking me somewhere magical and fun.

I do feel that living in Pemberton makes me want to travel a lot less and appreciate the trips that I do go on. Maybe I should just go away less but for longer periods of time? At least I won’t be getting on a flight until the end of summer and can enjoy the grounded life here.

The trip was awesome and here are some moments:

Blue Jays game (they lost 5-0).


My friend dancing down the hallway on the way to the dance-land.20140612-135050-49850510.jpg


More baseball (yes, I know the pics are not in order but I’m laaaaazy).


Fancy flight home on Air Canada. I even charged my phone! 20140612-135053-49853783.jpg


A crowd of people who are fun but sweaty. 20140612-135051-49851591.jpg



The MSW graduates jumping for Joy! 20140612-135051-49851952.jpg

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