REO Rafting

When I think “stagette” I think: strippers, tequila and a whole-lotta-sin but my perception of the brides one last hurrah changed last weekend. 14 Pemberton, Whistler and Vancouver ladies gathered for 2 nights at REO Rafting to celebrate our friends stagette! Wow, was that a fun trip!

Everyone left their men and children at home and spent their weekend as adult summer camp. This place is amazing! Their food was better then summer camp: wraps, BBQ, bacon and much more. We brought our own booze and snacks which we were allowed to bring with us to meals and the bonfire.

Speaking of bonfire, they have 2 large pits with a lot of seating around them! If you feel like having a hot tub, you can because they have one of those too!

I can’t tell you about the rafting because myself and 3 others didn’t go. No, I’m not a puss… physio told me to go because of my rib injury. We spent the morning chilling in the sun while everyone else had a blast on the natlahatch river. I can tell you that it was very relaxing to relax in the sunshine, beside the river. I even became friends with a butterfly named Igor.

We slept in tent cabins and there was electricity, flush toilets and showers. There was even coffee (eventually). This place is great for ANY event like a stag, stagette, team building, work retreat, couples weekend, birthday getaway and ANYTHING else. The drive from Pemberton was only 3.5 hours and it was SO BEAUTIFUL! The staff were friendly, fun, amazing and from what I hear troopers at playing flip cup. So, should you go? YES!

Check out their website and book a trip (FOR ANY REASON):!

This is Igor:



Me catching some rays:20140627-204525-74725891.jpg



This is on the other side of The Duffy (from Pemberton):




Artsy raft picture:



It was the summer solstice so it was this light at 10pm!20140627-204528-74728794.jpg




Roger Creek

Sorry this post is late….busy week for me!

Camping is awesome and you have a few options out here. You can camp in: provincial parks, forestry campsites, off the grid secret spots or your parents backyard. Provincial campsites are beautiful but most of the good sites are reserved for the rest of summer so for the next few months I’ll be exploring the “other” spots to camp. I’m hoping to discover new spots and avoid our parent’s yard.

This past weekend I was at Roger Creek, which is a forestry campsite. I loved that it was free and no one else was there. We camped right beside the river and could be as loud as we wanted (which is great because I AM LOUD)! There are 2 different sections to this site and you can show up whenever you want, as long as there is room for you. There is an outhouse but make sure you bring your own toilet paper. You are close to the highway but it’s ok because the sounds of the river drowns out most of the noise. You need to bring your own water and wood but you should always do that, anyways. Also, it’s less then an hour from my home! You know what the best part is? THERE IS NO CHECK OUT TIME! You can sleep in, enjoy the day, relax and not have to be rushed out by some park warden (park wardens are LAME).

Anyways, I’m not going to tell you where this is because I liked having my privacy (and that it’s never busy) but if you really want to know I’m sure you can find out.










The Journey

Tuesday I returned from my trip to Toronto. My little sister graduated from the University of Toronto so my mother and I went to celebrate. I also had a friend in town. The airport is about 3 hours away from Pemberton and the flight is around 5 hours. Here is what I do and do don’t love about traveling (by airplane) while living in Pemberton:

Don’t Love:

  • The airport is far away and I either need to: get a ride, bus to the airport or bus to Vancouver and take the train to the airport. Yeesh!
  • Travel time is more with the added journey to the airport (a lot of sitting is bad for my back).
  • It feels like it takes FOREVER to get home.
  • Everyone always asks where I’m from and when I tell them they give me a very silly and confused look. This is more funny than a “don’t love.”

Do Love:

  • I love coming home.
  • It makes me want to travel less which means I save more money.
  • The feeling of landing at YVR knowing that I’m back in one of the best parts of the world.
  • I catch up on my naps and reading while on the us and plane.
  • The airplane is usually taking me somewhere magical and fun.

I do feel that living in Pemberton makes me want to travel a lot less and appreciate the trips that I do go on. Maybe I should just go away less but for longer periods of time? At least I won’t be getting on a flight until the end of summer and can enjoy the grounded life here.

The trip was awesome and here are some moments:

Blue Jays game (they lost 5-0).


My friend dancing down the hallway on the way to the dance-land.20140612-135050-49850510.jpg


More baseball (yes, I know the pics are not in order but I’m laaaaazy).


Fancy flight home on Air Canada. I even charged my phone! 20140612-135053-49853783.jpg


A crowd of people who are fun but sweaty. 20140612-135051-49851591.jpg



The MSW graduates jumping for Joy! 20140612-135051-49851952.jpg

Camping Tips

So, we are a few weeks into the camping season and I couldn’t be happier. Here are a few tips and things that I have noticed:

Sure, reserving costs a bit extra but it is so worth it. You get to select the spot you want and you can roll up at any time. I’m into a “stress-free” camping experience.

You can check out most spots online and they usually have pictures.

Bug spray and mosquito coils are a must.

If one of you has gas, keep the windows of the camper open AND buy an air freshener.

Cedar wood smells the best, so always try and have some of that on hand.

When making snacks late at night, don’t forget to clean up so animals don’t pop by for a visit.

Always go with awesome people (1 or a group). These are some of the best memories you will make!


Go with a lumberjack/ Tarzan type soul. They will build you a huge fire and chop wood galore.



If you have the option to camp by a river or ocean, do it! There is nothing like waking up to the view and sounds of water, drinking your coffee in the rising sun while sitting on a shore or riverbank.



Marshmallows and cold beers/coolers are also a must.



This past weekend we were at Birkenhead Lake and I LOVE  it there. I’d go back (to site #33) every weekend, if I could. Where is your favourite spot to camp?