Putt Putt

Putt Putt is what I used to call my friend Sarah. It’s a name the was born after we rode a quad around Corfu and that is what we did…..we putt putted around. Last night the word “putt” took on new meaning for me.

It was my 3rd golf lesson and I was so excited to use the irons at the diriving range. I have been so busy with work and travel that I have not had any time to practice so when Wade, the teacher, told us we were going to the greens to learn to putt, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to hit balls on the driving range. After we got into etiquette and theory, I’m GLAD we had this lesson. Here are some of the things that I leant:

  • If you make a hole with you ball, fix it. You can get the fixy things at the first hole. These tools also double as ball markers.
  • How to mark a ball.
  • Putting is all about the senses: look and feel.
  • The goal is to have 2 or less putts on the greens.
  • You can use your putter on the greens and about 20 feet (max.) surrounding the greens.
  • I hit the ball too hard…..
  • You can line up the stripes on the ball with the hole.
  • Wipe the mud off your ball if it’s on the greens (have a half wet towel with you).
  • What to do if your ball is in the way of another ball.
  • These skills will help my mini golf game.
  • Tiger woods fixes his own ball marks.
  • You can practice on the greens for FREE (everywhere).
  • There are less rules for holding the club, when on the greens.

I know that I need a heck of a lot of practice. Sadly, I’m missing my next lesson and our last lesson was pushed back 2 weeks so I WILL have plenty of time to practice. My goal is to get to the driving range at least 3 times in the next 2 weeks so please, hold me accountable! Shayne said it’s almost impossible to get the ball in the hole, on the greens, in 2 or less putts. Wade said that that is what the great golfers do. Will I ever get that good? I guess practice makes perfect (or at least better than Shayne).



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