It’s All in the Hips

My physio therapist always tells me I’m “loose goosey” which is something that shows when I play golf. This means I’m overly flexible and have very little control overt movements (but I’m not a flailing weirdo, I swear). I just finished golf lesson number two and it was a wet one. It was sunny this morning but after work it was soggy out so I bought a $20 rain jacket (that ripped) and a sweet new hat (on sale).

This week we worked on posture and my biggest struggle was everything to do with posture. I did a lot of things wrong like stiffing up my arms and hitting the ground with the club. I was also bending weird. My arms will be sore tomorrow. Very sore. I was too loose.

By the end of the lesson I got the hang of it. It’s all in the hips. I was holding the club right, I was moving my arms (almost) right and I was hitting the ball. I even had the back leg- tippy toe thing happening. I was actually hitting the ball far-ish.

This week’s lesson reminded me a lot of the Simpsons episode where Bart is really good at mini golf. You know the one? If not, here is a reminder (coming soon).

Anyways, I look forward to practicing but sadly, I will have to wait a week because of a business trip I am going on. I need to practice…..I need a lot of practice.

My new hat:




Wet balls:



More wet balls:




The gloom:


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