Golf and Camping: Part 2

Well, this probably should be 2 posts but the weekend came so fast and blogging was not my priority. So, I’ll tell you about the past few days in one post.

Golf lessons happen every Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm. I was nervous to go but once we got started I LOVED IT! There are 6 of us students with 1 golf pro. All I have to say is that I learned more from a 1 hour golf lesson then I have from playing mini golf with various people all these years. I learned about different clubs, how to hold the club and where to stand when hitting the ball.

What stood out for me was how light I had to hit the ball. I’ve been smacking it this whole time! YEESH! Wade, our instructor told us “Driver for show. Putt for dough,” which I assume is a great way to remember which golf club to use. Needless to say, I am very excited for my next lesson and I look forward to practicing at the driving range. I’m also certain that playing golf with Shayne will be fun I will probably kick his ass, once I get better.

So, we went Kamloops to pick up our new (old) camper from Shayne’s parents. I also had a chest infection/flu. I was pretty sick all week so I did a lot of sleeping. Anyways, we took off on Saturday morning and went to camp at the Seton Lake Reservoir, which is a free campsite that belongs to BC Hydro. It’s right outside of Lillooet and it’s super awesome.

Our first night in the camper was great. I love camping and forgot about how awesome it is to do it with someone you love. It’s a great time to reconnect, be in nature and to get dirty. While camping, we eat like kings! I also managed to score a bag of marshmallows. Having a camper, with a FRIDGE, is a game changer.

We were going to head home but decided to do a “campsite crawl” and spent Sunday night at Narin Falls with friends. Camping with friends is awesome, too! The weather managed to hold up and it hardly rained. Shayne and I have set up and take down pretty dialed and we just know who does what. I hope that we spend a lot of time camping this season…..nature is my happy place.

Here are some pictures:


Our sweet new camper (old but new to us). Thanks Val and Dave (Shayne’s parents):



Fast moving river:



Sweet spot to camp…CHINESE BAKE OVEN! What?


Shayne’s fancy camping salad:



Dangerous stairs. Shayne will make them less steep but I have to concentrate HARD when going down them.


My new camping hat. Thank you, Surplus Herby’s!


Shayne in his MOON CHAIR! Once again, Thank you Surplus Herby’s!



Camping with friends!



Trying to find where my golf lessons were.




My hero.



My other hero. I think he is related to Tarzan or might actually be Tarzan.



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