Father Came to Pemberton

It happened. My dad finally came to Pemberton. He hasn’t been out to British Columbia for a few years and he’s never made it past Whistler. So, Shayne and I hosted him for a week. Our activities were limited due to him being “disabled” (he calls himself that….sometimes) so we spent most of our time lounging on the couch, sitting in the sun on my patio, listening to music and eating. We went on a few walks (he counts steps and is trying to be healthier) and I hosted a BBQ for him.

I also taught him to blog (you can read it HERE).

My father and I are still building a relationship, after having so many years “apart.” It’s fun to get to know him and learn cool things like once upon a time he could tell the weight of a diamond by holding it or that in the ’80s he spent $1000 2 pairs of leather pants.

I hope he does heal so he can come and visit me many more times. There are a lot of awesome things to do in Pemberton that he couldn’t do due to mobility issues. Anyways, here are some action shots:

Dad claimed that this was his first time in a hot tub and that a hot tub and jacuzzi are different (are they?). I have never laughed so hard….he was funny and kept floating. I hope he knows I wasn’t making fun of him. He was laughing too…..it was funny! 



This is him taking a break under a willow tree, on the way for dinner. 



Relaxing in the sun, listening to Jeff Beck. 



Checking his Twitter (which he did often….VERY often).



Under the tree.



Love yah, Dad!


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