Putt Putt

Putt Putt is what I used to call my friend Sarah. It’s a name the was born after we rode a quad around Corfu and that is what we did…..we putt putted around. Last night the word “putt” took on new meaning for me.

It was my 3rd golf lesson and I was so excited to use the irons at the diriving range. I have been so busy with work and travel that I have not had any time to practice so when Wade, the teacher, told us we were going to the greens to learn to putt, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to hit balls on the driving range. After we got into etiquette and theory, I’m GLAD we had this lesson. Here are some of the things that I leant:

  • If you make a hole with you ball, fix it. You can get the fixy things at the first hole. These tools also double as ball markers.
  • How to mark a ball.
  • Putting is all about the senses: look and feel.
  • The goal is to have 2 or less putts on the greens.
  • You can use your putter on the greens and about 20 feet (max.) surrounding the greens.
  • I hit the ball too hard…..
  • You can line up the stripes on the ball with the hole.
  • Wipe the mud off your ball if it’s on the greens (have a half wet towel with you).
  • What to do if your ball is in the way of another ball.
  • These skills will help my mini golf game.
  • Tiger woods fixes his own ball marks.
  • You can practice on the greens for FREE (everywhere).
  • There are less rules for holding the club, when on the greens.

I know that I need a heck of a lot of practice. Sadly, I’m missing my next lesson and our last lesson was pushed back 2 weeks so I WILL have plenty of time to practice. My goal is to get to the driving range at least 3 times in the next 2 weeks so please, hold me accountable! Shayne said it’s almost impossible to get the ball in the hole, on the greens, in 2 or less putts. Wade said that that is what the great golfers do. Will I ever get that good? I guess practice makes perfect (or at least better than Shayne).


It’s All in the Hips

My physio therapist always tells me I’m “loose goosey” which is something that shows when I play golf. This means I’m overly flexible and have very little control overt movements (but I’m not a flailing weirdo, I swear). I just finished golf lesson number two and it was a wet one. It was sunny this morning but after work it was soggy out so I bought a $20 rain jacket (that ripped) and a sweet new hat (on sale).

This week we worked on posture and my biggest struggle was everything to do with posture. I did a lot of things wrong like stiffing up my arms and hitting the ground with the club. I was also bending weird. My arms will be sore tomorrow. Very sore. I was too loose.

By the end of the lesson I got the hang of it. It’s all in the hips. I was holding the club right, I was moving my arms (almost) right and I was hitting the ball. I even had the back leg- tippy toe thing happening. I was actually hitting the ball far-ish.

This week’s lesson reminded me a lot of the Simpsons episode where Bart is really good at mini golf. You know the one? If not, here is a reminder (coming soon).

Anyways, I look forward to practicing but sadly, I will have to wait a week because of a business trip I am going on. I need to practice…..I need a lot of practice.

My new hat:




Wet balls:



More wet balls:




The gloom:


Golf and Camping: Part 2

Well, this probably should be 2 posts but the weekend came so fast and blogging was not my priority. So, I’ll tell you about the past few days in one post.

Golf lessons happen every Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm. I was nervous to go but once we got started I LOVED IT! There are 6 of us students with 1 golf pro. All I have to say is that I learned more from a 1 hour golf lesson then I have from playing mini golf with various people all these years. I learned about different clubs, how to hold the club and where to stand when hitting the ball.

What stood out for me was how light I had to hit the ball. I’ve been smacking it this whole time! YEESH! Wade, our instructor told us “Driver for show. Putt for dough,” which I assume is a great way to remember which golf club to use. Needless to say, I am very excited for my next lesson and I look forward to practicing at the driving range. I’m also certain that playing golf with Shayne will be fun I will probably kick his ass, once I get better.

So, we went Kamloops to pick up our new (old) camper from Shayne’s parents. I also had a chest infection/flu. I was pretty sick all week so I did a lot of sleeping. Anyways, we took off on Saturday morning and went to camp at the Seton Lake Reservoir, which is a free campsite that belongs to BC Hydro. It’s right outside of Lillooet and it’s super awesome.

Our first night in the camper was great. I love camping and forgot about how awesome it is to do it with someone you love. It’s a great time to reconnect, be in nature and to get dirty. While camping, we eat like kings! I also managed to score a bag of marshmallows. Having a camper, with a FRIDGE, is a game changer.

We were going to head home but decided to do a “campsite crawl” and spent Sunday night at Narin Falls with friends. Camping with friends is awesome, too! The weather managed to hold up and it hardly rained. Shayne and I have set up and take down pretty dialed and we just know who does what. I hope that we spend a lot of time camping this season…..nature is my happy place.

Here are some pictures:


Our sweet new camper (old but new to us). Thanks Val and Dave (Shayne’s parents):



Fast moving river:



Sweet spot to camp…CHINESE BAKE OVEN! What?


Shayne’s fancy camping salad:



Dangerous stairs. Shayne will make them less steep but I have to concentrate HARD when going down them.


My new camping hat. Thank you, Surplus Herby’s!


Shayne in his MOON CHAIR! Once again, Thank you Surplus Herby’s!



Camping with friends!



Trying to find where my golf lessons were.




My hero.



My other hero. I think he is related to Tarzan or might actually be Tarzan.


World Ovarian Cancer Day



Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day! Did you know that the symptoms associated with ovarian cancer are often vague, non-specific and can be mistakenly attributed to other causes? These symptoms can often be experienced by women without ovarian cancer. Also, there is no reliable screening test.

I dedicate today to my Auntie Heather who passed away from ovarian cancer in 2006. She was a very, very loved aunt, daughter, cousin and friend. Please take the time to educate yourself about this disease and help raise awareness: http://www.ovariancanada.org/

What questions do you have about ovarian cancer?

Father Came to Pemberton

It happened. My dad finally came to Pemberton. He hasn’t been out to British Columbia for a few years and he’s never made it past Whistler. So, Shayne and I hosted him for a week. Our activities were limited due to him being “disabled” (he calls himself that….sometimes) so we spent most of our time lounging on the couch, sitting in the sun on my patio, listening to music and eating. We went on a few walks (he counts steps and is trying to be healthier) and I hosted a BBQ for him.

I also taught him to blog (you can read it HERE).

My father and I are still building a relationship, after having so many years “apart.” It’s fun to get to know him and learn cool things like once upon a time he could tell the weight of a diamond by holding it or that in the ’80s he spent $1000 2 pairs of leather pants.

I hope he does heal so he can come and visit me many more times. There are a lot of awesome things to do in Pemberton that he couldn’t do due to mobility issues. Anyways, here are some action shots:

Dad claimed that this was his first time in a hot tub and that a hot tub and jacuzzi are different (are they?). I have never laughed so hard….he was funny and kept floating. I hope he knows I wasn’t making fun of him. He was laughing too…..it was funny! 



This is him taking a break under a willow tree, on the way for dinner. 



Relaxing in the sun, listening to Jeff Beck. 



Checking his Twitter (which he did often….VERY often).



Under the tree.



Love yah, Dad!