Spring Update in Blairland

Oh, hi! Miss me? Sorry that I didn’t post last week….. I was in Cabo San Lucas and had no access to the Internet. It was nice to be disconnected but I’m stoked to be back online.

Here are some pictures from my trip:






What’s going on in Blairland for Spring? Well, a few awesome things.

1) I’m taking GOLF lessons. WOO HOO. It’s a ladies program from Whistler Golf Club and I’m ready to learn something new. I guess this will mean that I can do more than sit on the patio and have drinks at Big Sky or The Black Squirrel. Ah well, seems fun and drinks can follow!

2) I’m on my BIKE again! That means I’m out and about. I’m mobile. I’m doing cardio. I’m biking down Caesar Trail. Oh, also my new bike has a (new) name: BUCK.

3) I’m spending more time in Vancouver (and taking a trip to Toronto for my sisters graduation. Woo-GO ALANA. Cheers on your MSW!)

4) I’m planting a garden. I’m looking forward to “learning” more about this and hopefully Shayne will teach me.

5) Fishing. ‘Nuff said….ya’ll know what happens when out fishing. (Beef Jerky, wink wink).

What are you looking forward to this Spring?



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