Losing My Religion?


This past weekend I was in Winnipeg at my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah (pictured below). I was asked to read the “Prayer for Canada” at synagogue and sat in the front row for the entire service (with my Baba). This experience got me thinking about all of the Jewish opportunities that I miss out on while living in Pemberton. Now, it’s not like I would be going to synagogue often if I were near one…..but it still got me thinking. It got me thinking about all of the family dinners I’m missing (mostly over the holidays) and the sense of community that I once had. So, my curiosity grew about seeking out an online Jewish community. Does that exist? Is it sacrilegious to tune in only computer during the Sabbath? Who knows?  So, I found a community that I’m going to explore called: Our Jewish Community. 

The one thing that Internet cannot replace  (but can help connect) is family, especially my grandparents. Check out a few pic below of myself and the Babas, FaceTime session with a relative who wouldn’t come into Winnipeg and a table full of candy.

How do you stay connected to your religion if you live in a small town or place where there are only a “few of you” around?






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