Getting Hot and Heavy

This has been a very unusual winter for the Whistler/Pemberton area, so I’m told. There hasn’t been very much (real) snow and it’s be drastically warm and drastically cold. With the “cold” snap upon us (and leaving soon, I hope) I want to share some tips on how to stay warm!

1. Dress Warm


2.  Put your blankets and pyjamas in the dryer right before bed.


3. Have a long hot bath or shower (OR hot tub).


4. Find someone warm to snuggle with.


5. Have a hot bevy (coffee, tea, soup…..even though it is not a drink).


6. Eat spicy food and A LOT of it. I don’t know if this will make you warm but it might make you sweat. (Note: This is the “heavy” tip)


7. Physical activity. This can be alone or with someone else (wink wink).


8. Socks. Always wear socks.


9.  Stand under a hot blowdryer. This is also good to blow under your covers.


10. Last but not least: TRAVEL. Get the ‘eff out of here!



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