Shopping: the Good, the Bad and the Small Town

I don’t enjoy “going shopping” but I do enjoy buying new things. I like trying on outfits (when I’m feeling skinny) and strutting them on the runway of life! As you may know, Vancouver is a shopping mecca! It’s heaven for the elite and exclusive shoppers as well as the bargain hunters or people who just want to look goooood. Well, since moving to Pemberton my shopping options and habits have changed.


In Pemberton there is the General Store (for plaid), a thrift store, Small Potato Bizarre (fun stuff but no clothing) and the Pharmacy.  This is great because I don’t often spend a lot of time or money shopping at these places, unless I need something. Clothing and accessories is rarely purchased in Pemberton (however, One Earth is fricken awesome!!).


30 minutes down the road is Whistler and there are many places for me to spend my hard earned moola. Lately, I’m a fan of Roots, Billabong, Artizia, and The Beach. There is a lack of shoe stores (which is great for me) and I don’t spend much time shopping in Whistler. I happen to spend money only when I’m killing time.

There is online. Online has been the devil for me. I have a desk job and it’s very easy to browse my favourite websites (, Amazon, Urban Outfitters, etc…) and purchase things.  Sometimes, the clothes don’t fit and I’m too lazy to return them (and it is way too much effort) so it’s a waste of money. Most recently I have purchased this (Halloween is just around the corner):


This week I made an accidental purchase. I have been jealous of a watch my friend wears so I have been stalking it online. I’ve also been telling Shayne how much I want this watch. Well, when I was checking it out on Amazon this week, I accidently clicked a button and bought myself this watch. That wasn’t my intention because I have yet to try it on and see if I REALLY REALLY want it. Whoops. In a few weeks I will know if this watch looks good on me. Online shopping is dangerous. At least I bought myself this:


And not this:


YAY Shopping.


Ah, Valentine’s Day. You know, “that day!” Well, almost every year (until recently) I have been single and now that I’m in a relationship I would like to celebrate. How? I don’t really care as long as thought is put into our celebration.

Dinner, I like going for dinner. Specifically, I like going out for sushi and I would be very happy with Sachi or Sushi Village in Whistler.

Presents are also a great way to celebrate. For me, it’s not about how much money you spent but about the thought that you put into the present. For Shayne (and anyone who ever wants to buy me a present) here is a list of items I would be over the moon to receive:



ANY Jewelry
Trip to anywhere (even a staycation)

Mix Tape/CD        

A song
A poem
Anything handmade


Feel free to reference this list when needing inspiration for the ladies in your life (or moi). Want to know what I got my boyfriend this year?

Tickets to Motley Crue and Alice Cooper AND a 6 pack of beer. What did you get your partner?


Getting Hot and Heavy

This has been a very unusual winter for the Whistler/Pemberton area, so I’m told. There hasn’t been very much (real) snow and it’s be drastically warm and drastically cold. With the “cold” snap upon us (and leaving soon, I hope) I want to share some tips on how to stay warm!

1. Dress Warm


2.  Put your blankets and pyjamas in the dryer right before bed.


3. Have a long hot bath or shower (OR hot tub).


4. Find someone warm to snuggle with.


5. Have a hot bevy (coffee, tea, soup…..even though it is not a drink).


6. Eat spicy food and A LOT of it. I don’t know if this will make you warm but it might make you sweat. (Note: This is the “heavy” tip)


7. Physical activity. This can be alone or with someone else (wink wink).


8. Socks. Always wear socks.


9.  Stand under a hot blowdryer. This is also good to blow under your covers.


10. Last but not least: TRAVEL. Get the ‘eff out of here!