The main reason that I moved to Pemberton was that I fell in love (queue the mush). Falling in love isn’t the only type of falling that happened. My relationship with Shayne was based around a lot of the other type of falling. Here is a list of some of the falls that inspired Shayne to fall in love with me:

  • The day that I met Shayne I asked my friend to help my tie my boot. In order to balance myself I grabbed hold of a crappy Ikea shelf on the wall to help stabilize myself but managed to rip the shelf off the wall. I took it, along with it’s contents, down to the ground with me. Shayne laughed.
  • One of the first few dates we had was on a rainy night, at a yummy Indian food restaurant, in Vancouver. When I walked in, I slipped on the wet floor and slid across the entrance way. I caught myself and looked back and to the left and  back and to the right  and saw chairs. So, I wiggled backwards and took a seat. However, there was no chair there but there was a dinky metal newspaper rack, which I sat in and bent. Shayne laughed.
  • I sat in cat poo/a hair ball, on his couch. Shayne (and my sister) laughed.
  • I was trying to reach something on the top shelf so I stood on my Dollarama stool. The legs bent, I fell to the ground and went on a diet. Shayne laughed.
  • This past weekend we were in Winners and I was walking (with a suitcase) through the cosmetic isle and slipped on the floor (which was home to a shampoo spill the day before) and knocked over a shelf of cosmetics and nail polish. Shayne walked away from me. I don’t think he laughed but I did.


I’m clumsy. I’m very clumsy and I know that but to have a man who stands by my side (unless I embarrass him) says a lot. I’m always falling in one way or another and I always make sure to get up and keep going.  So, when you fall (literally or figuratively) let the people around you help you up, laugh a little and keep going.



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