A few of my “favourite” things….

Being from the prairies I’m naturally conditioned to hate winter. You would if it was -40 Celsius and your mascara would freeze your teary eyes closed.

Knowing that it is now winter I must remind myself about the good things about winter up here:
  • There is snow but never gets much colder than -10 (if that)
  • Pemberton is warmer than Whistler so sometimes I get 2 seasons in one day
  • Skiing is fun (expensive and hard but fun)
  • Hot tubbing is awesome in winter
  • Hot tubbing is more awesome when it’s snowing outside
  • I like wearing warm and cozy clothing
  • Early bed times (due to lack of daylight)
  • Snow days
  • Winter ends March-Aprilish
  • How sexy men (especially Shayne) look in ski gear, hoodies and touques
  • Being the only Jew in Pemberton allows for me to throw fun parties that people want to come to (and try by horrible Jewish cooking)
Here’s a song (with lyrics) about how I feel at Christmas time in Pemberton:

Just kidding about being lonely….I’m not. I do feel like the only Jew in town though. Am I?


4 thoughts on “A few of my “favourite” things….

  1. I find it hard to believe that you are the only person of Jewish descent in Pemberton. In fact if you were to check the background of your mayor you might be pleasantly surprised to find he along with several other families in your quaint town are Jewish. As far as being alone on Christmas…well, the area is a world renowned resort and there are many who don’t have families around and get to spend the holidays working so it actually sounds like you have it pretty good.
    Cheers to the entertaining blog, keep it up.

    • ….I think the librarian is half Jewish. There are a few of us but we don’t get together to celebrate the holidays. I have friends who are interested in the culture and invite them to celebrate the holidays I participate in. This was more of “how I feel” rather than “how it is!” Thanks for the support and enjoy the blog!

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